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Happy Friday, All! I’ve missed my sharing sessions with you so very much, but I’m back. And, I’m back with a whole full circle outlook on my next steps for Degrees of Maternity. After taking some much-needed time off to spend with my family, I have such a clearer understanding and determination in how I’m to proceed for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. That understanding has led me right back to how I started off with Degrees of Maternity in its infancy — that’s with a concentrated focus on all things writing.

I can’t think of a better scenario for going back to natural basics (for me, anyway) than to get back to writing with a vengeance. I have so much pent-up writing in me that I’m bursting at the seams to let it all out. I even contemplated going back to a 4 to 5 days a week blogging schedule. And then, I came back down to reality and remembered that I cut back to 2 days a week for a reason. Anyway, I’m going to temper my excitement for writing by spreading out my posts and keeping them to the two same-days-a-week schedule.

But, I will be unleashing more of my writing upon the world. You can count on that.

Now, I’m sure that I’ll have some non-writing projects sprinkled in here and there, but it’s difficult to stay away from something that means so much to me. Let me just say: it’s not that I set out to purposely stop writing for the sake of my Etsy store. But, I just felt led to create some teaching and learning aids to encourage reading and writing in young children.

And, has encouraging reading and writing in young children changed as the predominant creative goal of mine? NOPE! ABSOLUTELY NOT! If anything, the need for such a focus has been strengthened tenfold. Not only do I continue to work with my own 10-year old, Little Man, on reading and writing skills; but, I truly believe that parents and children will continue to seek resources that help with these very essential skills sets for educational growth and everyday life.

So, in an effort to enjoy the fruits of my labor from both worlds — the world of writing and the world of encouraging the young reader and writer — an obvious strategy comes to mind. I think I’ll go ahead and combine the two worlds. Both areas of interest are completely in line with the origins of Degrees of Maternity and are ingrained in a lot of what I’ve been doing from the onset. Therefore, I’ll be feverishly creating some written materials for my Etsy shop; and of course, I’ll still be writing here on the Degrees of Maternity blog.

And while I’ll look forward to putting my writing skills to work, I’ve determined that any products previously communicated to you (that are not out on my shop yet), such as the themed physical doorknob hangers or the “I Miss You” Cards, will be put on temporary or more-than-likely permanent hold at this point in time.

With all that being said, just know that I’m back in action and so excited for what the future holds. My short hiatus from creating content has resulted in more clarity of mind in where my strengths lie and how I can benefit others in what I enjoy doing. And, isn’t that the true function of any creative entrepreneur — to do something enjoyable that’s desired by others? Then, add the layer of making a living doing what you love while others love what you do, and you have a complete win-win-win composition all the way around.

Well, I think I’ve just about shared with you everything I intended to share in this particular post, but I’ll be back next week and the weeks after that with some of my plans (goal-setting initiatives) now and into the near future. I’ll be discussing the projects (personal and professional) I’m currently working on, how my 2020 goals will end up by year’s end, and what my 2021 goals will look like.

To conclude, I’ll provide you with two short mantras that will give you a little hint on what my perspective on life is these days and the direction I’ll be taking in doing what I do: Control What You Can Control and Simplify Life.

See you next week with more forward-thinking content.


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