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Children are notorious for rebelling against bedtime. Wars have been waged for just five more minutes of TV time. The bedtime process doesn’t have to be such an undertaking; you just need the right playlist. Before it’s time to tuck your little one in, slyly play the following songs to evoke the Sandman.

Lullabies have been scientifically back to show that they’re effective in releasing melatonin and getting our children to sleep. The best songs are ones that have between 60-80 beats per minute. With that being said it’s time for your child to put on their pajamas, dim the lights, and turn on the tunes.

Incubus- Aqueous Transmission

If you’re not an avid fan of the band you might be taken aback to see them as the first song on the playlist. If you heard Aqueous Transmission without being told it’s an original Incubus song you probably would never been able to guess it. This eight-minute track uses a few western instruments to bring the lazy river into your home. It gently rocks you back to forth as Incubus’ lead singer whispers, “I’m floating down a river, oars freed from their homes long ago, lying face up on the floor of my vessel I marvel at the starts and feel my heart overflow.”

Mister Lies- I Walk

Your child will be the coolest kid at school when they tell their friends that their bedtime playlist consists of some deep house. In this Mister Lies’ tune the base acts like soft waves gently washing over your body as you lay in the sand. Instinctively our attention gravitates to those speaking. The muffled and toned down vocals of I Walk, seamlessly blend with the instrumentals to create a mellifluous symphony of tranquil sounds.

Marconi Union- Weightless

The Union is a trio from Manchester that in 2011 collaborated with sound therapists to create this song. The result is a song so effective in putting people to sleep that it shouldn’t be played while driving. With the perfect blend of sounds the trio has created a masterpiece that is known to slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and lower levels of the stress hormone known as cortisol. Of the forty women who were tested in the study, which was commissioned in order to find the most relaxing song out of a pre-selected set, the adequately named, Weightless, brought upon a 65% reduction in stress and lowered resting rates by 35%.

What are some of your favorite lullabies and bedtime music?


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  1. I love these play lists! My kids are grown, still at home! Lol…but…I have a 2yr old female Chihuahua and an 8 month old male, long haired Chihuahua, literally just like children! Put these play lists on, no lie, within 20 minutes, they’re old cold! Lol, thank you!!

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