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It’s February and it’s all about the Valentine’s Day!

A day to celebrate Love. A day to remind our loved ones how very special they are to us. Well, it doesn’t really have to be only a couple’s thing! It’s just a day to celebrate love and there are a lot of people loving us and supporting us throughout! So, singles you hang on too and take on the ideas to celebrate a lovely day!!

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be heavy on your pockets. For it isn’t about how expensive the gifts you buy are, it is just about how much time and thought you put in to make the loved one feel special.

1. Roses

You can never go wrong with these and these are never less of a surprise to any woman! Buy a bunch/a rose for the lovely lady in your life this Valentine’s Day Beep beep the lovely lady can be a friend or your mother too!

2. Spy on his/her wishlist

Okay! so, for this, you might have to put your spy hat on and peep into his/her wishlist from their shopping accounts. Or you might have to play clever and get things out of their mouths! Easy isn’t it!

3. Chocolates

If, you are not a person who can do the above for many of the reasons like, YOU are somewhere far from him/her or you don’t have the time to spy or maybe it’s just not your way! They yay, we have chocolates! Chocolates are for everyone. You can order them online and schedule a midnight delivery or just drop by and it will definitely make her/his day!

4. Dine Out

As simple as it sounds! Dress up, take a walk together, spend some quality time and have a great meal! After all, Valentine’s Day is all about having a good time with the loved one.

5. Travel

If you are reading this even a couple of days before the V-Day, you still have time to plan a lovely trip. And it doesn’t need to get expensive! There are a lot of places around you that wouldn’t be heavy on the pockets and still would make for a great trip!

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