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Parents have to be on guard at all times, when it comes to their young children playing with toys. Just one little mishap could turn out to be a catastrophe that would prompt a trip to the pediatrician’s office or local hospital emergency department. The key to keeping your children safe, when they are playing is to choose their toys carefully. Below, you will discover several tips for choosing toys for young children.

Washable Toy Material

Most young children enjoy playing with stuffed animals and dolls. While these are generally very safe options for children, they can pose some health risks. Child daycares are harbors for germs that can make a small child very ill. With this said, it is not unusual for a small child to want to take their favorite stuffed animal to daycare with them. Other children in the daycare will also want to play with the toy, which means it will be exposed to a wide range of contaminants.

It is crucial that the toy is designed from materials that are machine washable. While many parents think that it is perfectly okay to wipe the soils away, this just is not enough to eradicate the harmful viruses and bacteria that frequently contaminate these inanimate objects. Toss in the water, select the hot water cycle and put the stuffed toy through a full washing cycle to eradicate the contaminants once and for all.

Lead-Free Paints

When choosing toys that contain a paint and finish, it is crucial to make sure the paints do not contain lead. This chemical has been linked to delayed growth and development, kidney damaged, short stature and nervous system problems. The federal government does a great job monitoring toys that are manufactured sold in the United States. While children’s toys are required by law to not contain lead paint, some toys may slip through the inspection process. Make sure you know how to use melanotan property, before administering to teens.

Choosing Age Appropriate Toys

When it comes to choosing safe and non-hazardous toys for your precious little one, the best place to start is with the age appropriate toys. Toy manufacturers make certain types of toys that contain projectiles and removable parts, which might not be suitable for younger children. Younger children have limited abilities and maturity levels, so chewing or eating these items might be a common problem that could lead to serious health issues. Keep in mind that toy manufacturers list recommended age levels of their toys, and they do this for a specific reason.

Really Consider Used Toys

Used and secondhand toys often find their way into many households throughout the world. The toys may come from an older sibling, or maybe you purchased them at a yard sale. Whatever the situation is, you really need to inspect and examine the used toy closely before you just blindly hand it over to your child. The reason for this is because used toys oftentimes are worn down with frayed parts. Always be sure to check the eyes, buttons, yarn, batteries, ribbons, and anything part of the toy that could be torn off and eventually swallowed. Sometimes these items can be reinforced, if you have to tools and sewing abilities, which is something to consider if you are looking to save money.


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