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With summer just around the corner, this means hopping in the nearest swimming pool, reclining in the garden and barbeques galore! However, there is no shortage of things to do in the home in preparation for the new season. The garden is one of those places where we should strive the most, both because of the radical change it can give to our home, and because of everything we can create within it. As the warm weather draws near, it is an excellent idea to make some significant changes to take advantage of the majesty of green and have a bit of great outdoors in your home.

Fix Your Terrace

After these months of cold snaps, wind, and rain, it is possible that your terrace is not in the best condition. Take a look at the furniture, improve the decoration by adding potted plants, and if you love socializing in the yard with friends, install a barbecue. Nothing better for long drawn-out summer nights!

Give Color To Your Home

You may want to change the décor within your home, from the dark colors of winter to the joy and warmth of summer. Use some interior design tips to make use of soft whites, light blues, pale yellows and greens that remind you of nature. No need to spend a fortune, or change everything. Simply by adding some cushions, frames, blankets, flowers or vases, you will have more than enough, and you will notice how the change makes you happy to be home.

Ventilate Your Home

Don’t forget to open the windows from time to time. Let the fresh air come in the morning and at night. It is also advisable to ventilate your home during the day if your house has cross ventilation. Doing so will renew the air and let the dust, mites and other particles go. It is also highly recommended that you perform an inspection of the air conditioning system. It will also make sure that your house does not have cracks where the cold escapes.


Build a section in your garden to grow your products such as fruits and some vegetables. To do so, you could try hanging plants in a place with a shade and sun entrance. There are many planting tips online that can be of use to you.


Clean your home and garden to make sure your house is free of nasty pests and bugs. If need be, consider hiring a termite exterminator company as they are professionals in their field. An excellent measure when cleaning up your garden is to remove stems, leaves, and flowers from plants that are withered or have too pale colors. It is also good to remove those parts that have fallen to the surface, so they do not rot and cause problems of bacteria and infestation of pests in the roots of vegetables that are in good condition.

Cutting The Grass

Ideally, mow the lawn entirely so that it grows strong and homogeneous during the summer and any leaves that are developing improperly are eliminated. Remember that you can use what you cut as part of natural fertilizer or any other nutritious mixture.

Minimize The Use Of Home Appliances

Appliances also emit heat, especially the oven, the dishwasher, the washing machine or the dryer. It is better if you use them in the hours of less atmospheric temperature and when you do not have to stay in the kitchen.


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