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As long as a perfect shoe is concerned, it feels like a gift sent from heaven. Even when you have restricted walking abilities with your baby bump, if you wear the right shoes, you can walk around without the pains, aches and all the other problems. Did you know that there exists a perfect pregnancy shoe? Now that you’re pregnant, you must have gathered enough knowledge on the collection of shoes which will be perfect for every trimester. Which type of shoes seems to be suitable for your current stage of pregnancy?

As per what ACOG has to say, being pregnant, especially during the later stages of pregnancy is a rather painful and uncomfortable experience. The would-be mom goes through pain and aches around her hips, back, feet and legs. A good shoe can alleviate her stress and let her feel comfortable throughout the day.

Should you still wear heels during pregnancy?

The short and prompt answer is a big ‘No’! Your weight will increase when you’re pregnant and both your center of gravity and body shape will change and make you walk less steadily and differently. Moreover, ligaments are usually looser during pregnancy and this can lead to muscle strain and instability of joints. If you fall during pregnancy, this will not only hurt you but also your baby. Hence, think twice before you add height to your shoes during pregnancy.

Now in case you’re going to one of such occasions where you will definitely need to wear heels despite your pregnancy, you can stick to a smaller and platform heel. However, remember that your feet will certainly ache the next day.

Features of a good quality pregnancy shoe

Basically, there are 3 things which you should watch out for while deciding whether or not the shoe will be suitable during pregnancy. Check them out:

  • Shoes which can be put on easily

It is indeed amazing how you may find it difficult to reach out to something down there when you have that full-grown belly. Select a shoe which can be put easily and which can be put off easily at the same time. You can opt for the slip-on shoes.

  • Shoes which are supportive

Did you ever walk to feel that your ankle is grinding into your feet? This is usually felt because you’re wearing the wrong shoe and because it is not providing support. Hence you should choose a shoe with arch and ankle support to reduce pain in the joints.

  • Shoes with little bit of extra room

Your feet and ankles may swell and hence it is better if you could have a little bit of extra room for your feet. You can take one full size larger when you’re on your advanced stages of pregnancy. This will allow you to remain stronger for a longer period of time.

Therefore, when you’re trying your best to choose the best shoes for your pregnancy period, keep in mind the above mentioned factors.


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