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Women’s safety and protection have always been one of the most important topics of discussion. As most of the time, criminals consider women to be an easy target. The perpetrators believe that women are more submissive and will not fight back. However, this scenario has been changing for the last few years. Women are continually becoming more aware of safety. Here giving a few self-defense tips through which women can stay safe and avoid violence.

Join A Self-Defense Class 

It is always better to stop something bad from happening than to deal with it after it happened. Joining a self-defense class will initially give you the self-confidence that you need to deal with your enemy. It will also give you the technical skills necessary to defeat your attacker.

One of the best forms of self-defense is Personal Protective Measures (PPM). It’s also known as Bujinkan Ninjutsu which is a form of Martial Arts. This self-defense training in Adelaide is designed focusing on effective dealings with modern weapons and dangerous situations in order to stay safe.

Do Not Hesitate to Hit

Most of us hesitate in hitting other people. As we have always trained to tame our nerve. But during dangerous situations, this hesitation might get you abducted or killed. Feel free to cause as much pain as possible to the attacker because if you do not then he will. Try to create as much damage as possible in order to get to a safe place. It’s a judgement call of the moment. And you should use the moment in a way that leads to survival.

Never Reason with Your Attacker

The person who is attacking you is not in a perfect state of mind. Moreover, they do not think like you. You never know why the criminal minds act such way. In a situation like this, reasoning with the predatory individual will not make any sense. Rather it will make you look weak. So, try to show your dominance even it means shouting profanities at your attacker.

Scream for Help

If you think you are in a dangerous situation do not hesitate to scream. Scream like you have never screamed before for help. Firstly, your loud voice might scare the attacker which might make him run away. Secondly, a loud scream will be heard by people who are far away from you and increase your chances of getting rescued by someone. You may get overwhelmed by the attacker. When someone is holding a weapon to your head, there is no shame in doing whatever you need to do. Scream to survive.

Stay Fit

Women have to stay fit. As survival instinct never grows easily. To increase safety precaution, we need to work out regularly. Daily exercise works on a very basic stage of our mind and body. It increases our self-esteem level and makes a better responsive body. Thus, she not only makes her waist look slim but also, she can be more protective during dangerous situations. If you are fit then you can run or escape more easily from the clutches of your attacker.

No matter how much training you get or how well-prepared you are, there are always people out to prey on women. Preventive measures are always better to stay safe but sometimes prevention is not 100% effective. In such situations, women need to stay focused and rely on their instincts in order to get safe. Sometimes self-defense might be the only choice a woman has in order to stay alive.

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