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You may consider yourself an experienced dater but what are you going to do if you find out that the beautiful and smart girl you just approached is a single mother? If the fact that she has a kid doesn’t scare you and you really want to date this woman, you may wonder how you should behave and what you should do to develop a healthy relationship with her. You need to take gradual steps in order to prove to her that you’re aimed at something serious with her and you’re OK with that somebody already calls her mom. Dating a single mother is a different dating experience but if you’re ready to make it work, read the following tips prepared by the dating experts from Your Ukrainian Bride.

Respect her time. All people are busy, but single parents are double-busy. If a single mother decided to return to the dating scene, it means that finally there appeared a gap in her schedule and that she manages to juggle her career, kid, and personal life. Yet, don’t expect that she will always spend her leisure with you. Her child is her priority and she will dedicate her free time to her daughter or son. Also, she needs some time to see her friends and be alone sometimes. Be ready that you’re not going to spend much time together. And it has its advantages too. You’ll be looking forward to your next rendezvous plus you’ll still have plenty of time for your hobbies and friends.

Understand her priorities. If she is a mother, her kid will always come first. In a relationship where both partners are single and don’t have their own children yet, woman’s feelings can be measured by how much time she’s ready to spend with her partner. This rule can’t be applied to single moms because it’s obvious that her kid is already the main person in her life and the one she spends most of her free time with. That’s why if you want to know whether you mean something to her, look for other proofs. If she hires a babysitter to spend the evening with you, it already means that she’s into you because in this case, she reorders her priorities in your favor.

Don’t rush things. Although she may be ready for a new relationship, the fact that she is a single mom makes her wary. She doesn’t want to be disillusioned in the long run that’s why she will view you as a friend for quite a long time. She will need this time to make sure that she can totally trust you and that you have serious intentions. Don’t initiate meeting her kid – it is she who chooses the right time to introduce you to her child.

Be supportive. She is a strong person and she can deal with many issues. She has got used to it. What she lacks is emotional support from a loving man. Be that man for her. Listen to her and let her know that she can count on you but don’t try to solve all the problems for her. Just be there when she needs you.

Don’t meddle in her relations with her ex. Of course, you deserve to know why her previous relationship failed and what kind of person her ex is. Even if that guy is a jerk, she doesn’t want to be rescued. She was able to deal with her ex before she met you and now she still can handle it. On your side, you have to accept that her ex is present in her life because they have their kid in common. Don’t be jealous – if she’s with you, she has left the past in the past.

Don’t listen to other people. Your parents or your friends may not be very enthusiastic about your relationship with a single mom. They may say a lot of things about her, such as she only wants to find a father for her kid. Don’t let them impose any stereotype on you. Single mothers are women who still want to be loved and desired and they look for a decent partner who will love them and, automatically, their kids.


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