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Some cities have a characteristic style that is immediately recognizable. As anyone who has visited or lived there can attest, Santa Barbara’s look is both beautiful and distinguished. While the Santa Barbara style is most common is its namesake city, many homeowners and decorators have recreated it elsewhere, bringing Santa Barbara interior design all over the country. You can find some of the most beautifully decorated homes in Santa Barbara and you should be able to identify some similarities among the decorations of Santa Barbara homes.

What Is Santa Barbara Style?

The exterior, Spanish-inspired architecture of the Santa Barbara style is eye-catching and easy to spot. The white walls, arched entryways and tile roofs throughout the city give it a unique charm. Additionally, the use of covered patios and shaded courtyards give many homes interesting and functional shapes. The exterior style is particularly well suited to the warm, sunny climate.

This style is carried indoors with more arched walkways. The white walls are frequently accentuated with exposed wood beams. Frequently, designers will plan indoor/outdoor spaces that flow seamlessly into each other. This tends to make the architecture of both relatively similar. These amazing features of Santa Barbara style of home décor makes it very popular around the country.

Santa Barbara Interior Design

Of course, this style isn’t just achieved through architecture. The Santa Barbara interior design style is also quite unique. Homeowners and designers select colors and decorations that accentuate the dramatic beauty of the recognizable architecture.

For example, decorative tiles are popular both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, terracotta pots, particularly with deep colors are excellent choices for the Santa Barbara style. Wood, especially carved with designs, is a major component of furniture in this style. Similarly, intricate ironwork is also a popular choice, especially for railings and other dividers. So, there are lots of different common Santa Barbara design elements to choose from for you for your own home.

Get Assistance

The Santa Barbara style may be reflective of the city but it can work anywhere. For example, Santa Monica interior design can look beautiful with many of the same elements from the more northern city. Of course, making this attractive style work in your home is easier with the right help. The right professional interior designer can make this or any other style work in any space.


If you are someone who is looking to have a new house and still in the early stage of what design theme to go for, the Santa Barbara style can be a cool option. For best results, you must have professional help to implement it. Hiring professionals can ensure the perfect design for interiors and exteriors and give you cost advantage. The professional skills and experience of designers can come good for your new home. The end result can be a house that you always dream to live in with your beloved family. It will be a place where anybody will love to be.




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