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Protect and nurture the next generation. That’s all. Try to have fun along the way, of course, and if you can, try to expand your own horizons and leave a little something extra for the world to let us all know that you were here and you did good things. But ultimately, protecting and nurturing the next generation is your main job. If you can do that each day, you can go to bed content. This made me think. How can we – all of us – take steps to ensure the safety of our young ones? After all, you can’t wrap them in cotton wool until they’re 26, and some children are so accident prone that almost nothing can help them to avoid the hidden perils of life lurking around every corner. Outthinking and preparing for each step a child takes towards certain doom can be hard. We can but try, as they say…

One Stop Shop – Stop Signs

We’re starting with a big one. The roads. Why? Because ever since the Romans invaded Europe a couple of thousand years ago and introduced us all to quality permanent roads, we’ve been terribly new fangled with them in a way that doesn’t appear to be waning. Roads are outside every window. They cut through deserts and ice sheets and mountains. There’s really no getting away from them. The problem is, children aren’t receptive to the constant danger of traffic. Want to know how you can help? See for instant ideas on hangable and free standing stop signs. You may not be able to stop a child from running into the road, but you can do your best to make vehicles stop at busy intersections where the chance of children crossing the road is high.

Child Proof Your Home

Children love stairs. You can’t blame them. Point out Everest to travelling explorers and the next thing you know there are entire expeditions being funded to conquer it. Why? “Because it’s there”, as one famous climber was quoted as saying, right before perishing on his ascent. The point is that adults can’t help but attempt to climb up and over anything that is put in front of them, so we can hardly expect our children to show restraint. Baby gates are a must to prevent any accidental tumbles.

Online Awareness

Who remembers back when the internet began? – I can personally raise my hand. The thrill of speaking to somebody on the other side of the planet was huge. ASL? That’s what we all used to ask. Everytime I was sharing or downloading music or films (the rules were weird back then) I’d end up in conversations with people from Sweden, France, Australia, you name it. Age? Sex? Location? What time is it there? It was like reaching out to an alien and making first contact. That thrill is still the same today. Obviously, as adults we have witnessed the explosion of the net and we have seen how not everyone online is who they claim to be. Take the time to teach your child about online awareness and how never to give out personal details.


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