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My house used to be a complete zoo. I’m talking piles and piles of unused, unwanted toys; once dearly loved (more than likely only momentarily) and now discarded into the abyss of “the used”.

Personally, this kind of clutter drives me crazy. Not only that, but I hate the idea of all of this stuff going to waste- and what with my kids being able to go through toys faster than ToysRus can produce them, it was time to find a way to do something productive with all of it.

While a lot of toys get the hand-me-down treatment in the hopes of giving them a second wind, I’ve found that reselling toys online is by far the most beneficial way to deal with all of the excesses. Not only does it help relieve the stockpile of unwanted toys, but it also is a fantastic way to recoup some of the money that was initially spent on them.

You’d be surprised how much you can get for all of that “junk” in your basement! You just need to know where you should be looking, and what to do once you get there.

  1. Sell at an Online Marketplace

Car boot sales and garage sales were what it was all about in the old days. Back when I was a young child, I used to go trawling around with my Dad to the Sunday morning markets in the next town over, where we’d walk around, digging through people’s unwanted goods, and hopefully finding ourselves some “treasure”. My treasure back then was always beanie babies, I collected them obsessively (as did a lot of other kids I imagine, hence why they were so easy to find in second-hand markets).

Nowadays, the most successful marketplaces have moved online; eBay is by far the most widespread example of this. Setting up an eBay account is extremely easy to do; all you need to do is fill in the minimum information like your address, and link up a PayPal account, and then you are ready to start selling. You’ve got a worldwide audience at your feet, so it shouldn’t be hard to strike up a deal for those unwanted toys.

  1. Sell through a Specific Dealer

This method of selling is an excellent way of making good money for your old toys, mainly because the audience on this kind of website is much more targeted.

Let me give you an example: say your child went through an RC helicopter phase, but he’s over it now, and you’ve been left with a pile of old models in a box in the basement. The best way to lock down an interested buyer online is to go through a specialized reseller of this type of toy.

Sites that show an article about ‘Best RC Helicopter for Sale – Top 10 Reviews‘,or a site selling specifically remote control trucks is going to draw ‘hot traffic,’ or in other words: an audience that is ready to purchase this kind of product already. You can often resell your toys through a site like this and make use of the already interested audience.

Happy reselling!



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