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A wedding ring can be as plain or as elaborate as the wearer desires. Often times, it is paired with an engagement ring and worn stacked on the finger. The reason a ring is so symbolic is for two reasons. One, the vein in the fourth finger on the left goes directly to the heart- bonding you with the giver forever. The second is that the shape of the ring, a circle also represents eternity, in this case, eternal love and devotion.

When it comes to a wedding ring, the metal you select is the key. It’s the one piece of jewellery that you are likely to wear every day. That means it needs to be durable and retain the qualities that drew you to it in the first place.

Here are our picks for the top 5 wedding rings.

  1. Gold- the traditional wedding ring represents fidelity and is a popular choice for many reasons. First, it doesn’t rust. If it does get tarnished, a simple polish restores its lustre. Secondly, it can be easily paired with the engagement ring. Here too, the traditional engagement ring normally incorporates a precious stone- in most cases, a diamond. The colourless diamond looks best against yellow or white gold. The metal also allows for easy inscription, making it a sentimental choice from that angle too.
  2. Platinum- nothing shouts valuable quite like platinum does. There is a sense of elegance and class to a platinum ring and its white shine complements a diamond beautifully. In fact, a black diamond set in a platinum band brings about a touch of bohemian elegance too. The value of platinum does not reduce over the years. It’s a tough metal too and one of the most stunning designs is the tension ring; compression is used to hold a diamond in place, giving it a feeling of floating in mid-air. The best part, platinum suits all skins, being hypo-allergenic as it is.
  3. Diamond wedding rings- often, the most popular choice. This is no surprise, because the diamond is a tough stone and lasts a long time. Diamonds are also worn with other stones, or set in different metals. The trinity ring with its pink, yellow and white gold bands can be set with diamonds for an even more impressive effect.
  4. Rose gold- a beautiful light pink shade is the highlight of the rose gold wedding band. Girly, feminine and gorgeous, it symbolises love and goes well with pretty much any stone you might pick out.
  5. Matching bands- a him and her pair is great for couples who also like to colour coordinate and finish each other’s sentences. A slim band for her and a stronger one for him, or vice-versa can be the perfect way to tell the world how compatible you are.

There are other choices too- tungsten, stainless steel, gothic, art-deco. There are tons of non-traditional rings too. Think about what works best for your personality and choose a ring of that nature.


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