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Siren Guard is an ingenious, powerful self-protection tool that is appropriate for people of any age and ability. The 130-decibel alarm goes off with the simple pull of a pin, letting would-be attackers and all those in the vicinity know that you are in danger.

Protection Your Kids Need

While walking to school or when out and about with friends, kids can enjoy the protection Siren Guard brings. Its non-violent, totally safe way of alerting those within earshot and gives parents peace of mind. When your kids carry a Siren Guard, they can easily “sound the siren” if danger presents itself in the form of an attacker or potential abductor.

For up to 30 minutes, a Siren Guard will continue to blast out its super-loud alert. Whether to fend off an attacker or alert nearby searchers of your location, the device is a safe, inexpensive way to add that extra layer of safety to every outing, jog, long walk, trip to the store, or camping trip.

On dozens of Internet review sites like STEEMIT, Medium and elsewhere, Siren Guard owners are talking up this popular way for parents to protect their children. That’s right. In addition to being the ideal protection tool for adults, Siren Guard is perfect for kids too.

Pair Siren Guard with a Tactical Flashlight

The company that makes Siren Guard also offers a powerful tactical flashlight that makes the ideal companion to the alarm device. The military-grade, high performance light can be carried in a pocket or purse. It delivers a gigantic field of illumination that is perfect for signaling help, or to use while working in an unlit area, or to mount onto a bicycle.

Parents can opt for maximum child safety by arming their kids with the tactical flashlight and a Siren Guard alarm. That way, kids who end up on a dark street or in a room without electrical power (during a thunderstorm, for example), will be able to see their way and alert those nearby if a dangerous situation arises.

My Personal Siren Guard Review

As a mother of two youngsters, I know firsthand that Siren Guard’s alarm and flashlight are top-notch safety devices. Kids appreciate the fact that the light is so powerful and should only be used in emergencies. It’s also easy to teach them how to operate the alarm. A few “rehearsals” where I showed them how to pull and replace the pin (after covering their ears!) was all it took for them to know how to operate the siren.

Now, whenever I’m waiting for them to return from school or the park, I know that they’re able to alert me, and other adults in the neighborhood, if danger presents itself.

How to Buy Siren Guard and Learn More about Safety

By following Siren Guard on Facebook, you can get all kinds of safety tips for kids, adults, and the elderly. Buying Siren Guard and the company’s tactical flashlight is easy. Just click on the “Buy Now” button on their website and say how many devices you want. The company often offers volume discounts, so it’s smart to think about getting several for children, grandparents, and friends.

For people who don’t want to carry firearms, knives and other dangerous weapons, Siren Guard is the smartest way to stay safe in the modern world.


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