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Vacation time is one of the highlights of your family’s year, but it can sometimes be tough to choose where to go and what to do. You have to find somewhere that everyone will want to stay and activities that you’ll all want to do, and the older your kids get, the harder that can be sometimes! Instead of opting for a typical sun, sea, and sand type vacation, why not consider something a little different for your next trip? Activity themed vacations will give you an entirely different kind of experience, and can be a wonderful way to relax and get closer to your loved ones.

Sea themed activities

The beach isn’t just a great place to top up your tan – it’s the springboard to all sorts of adventures. For the more ambitious, surfing and other extreme sports like kite-surfing are renowned as being one of the best ways to raise your spirits. Snorkeling is an activity pretty much anyone can take part in, and the ocean floor is like a wonderland of beautiful and interesting life forms that you’ll be able to observe at close quarters. You could go a step further and explore deeper waters by going scuba diving. There are even locations that will take you to shipwrecks for a spot of treasure hunting. Back on the shore, you could take your spearfishing gear into the shallow waters and learn how to catch your own fish, before heading underwater for the ultimate spearfishing experience. Taking a boat trip out into the ocean will feel like a real adventure; but if you prefer a quieter option, you can always chill out on deck with a good book while the hunters in your group go after the prey!

Air themed activities

Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of flying, and even though taking to the air on your own wings hasn’t become a reality, you can still get pretty close. To feel like a bird, you could try hang-gliding, paragliding, or the king of adrenaline hits, a parachute jump. These aren’t options for the faint-hearted, so if they sound a bit too extreme, how about a leisurely ride in a hot air balloon? Taking flights, day trips, and even having a turn at flying a light aircraft are all possible, including the experience of flying in a historical craft like World War Two-era planes. If you want to keep your feet on terra firma, kite flying can be a lot of fun, with a diverse range of kites available from the old basic variety to some modern technical examples that perform tricks in the air. Likewise, model airplanes and their cousins the drones can be a lot of fun to take for a spin.

There are many and varied options for adventure breaks, both short day trips and full-length vacations, so there’s bound to be a choice that appeals to the whole family. If by any chance you aren’t keen on the selected activity once you’ve tried it, you can always kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet!


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