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It’s December 8th, and Christmas is swiftly approaching. We have a less-than-adequate amount of time to finish our holiday shopping, so that was my cross to carry this morning- which of course promises to carry over into the late afternoon. As I muddled through tab after open tab on my iPhone searching Amazon and Hearthsong and dozens of other sites trying to find some sort of inspiration for a spectacular Christmas gift for my husband, I did something I don’t normally do. Something that at first made me feel icky and bad, but later proved to be an eye-opening decision… I spied on my husband!

I creeped his social media page. I did it. I’m THAT wife.

I’ll reiterate that we are both open and public with our SM accounts, but still- I felt like I was doing something wrong. Out of desperation, however, I trudged on.

Hesitantly I clicked on to his Pinterest account, but I was no sooner on the first set of pins than I was swept away in this whole little world of inspiration- I was immersed in his interests and ideas and dreams and things HE likes and sees worthy of saving. I was in his world completely- his virtual man cave! Recipes and survival tips and DIY projects… it was awe-striking. It was like being in his head for a bit. I wasn’t surprised by most of his saves; some I was. And impressed. And truly interested in him as a person. Here I was in this space he had created with no limitations or outside interference. No one to tell him what to do or what to like. This was his world. And I was a visitor, observing for possibly the first REAL time who he is.

How many times a day to I create and write and draw and live my own life, and yet, this was the first time I have ever really LOOKED at his cyber life. Here’s what I learned:

My husband is a chef. He is an outdoorsman. He is an artist. A gardener. A painter. A father. A husband. A grill master. A creator. A survivalist. A DIY-er… he is AMAZING!

I’ve spent the past 6 years of our relationship viewing him as my husband, my partner, best friend- the father of our kids. But today, I met a man who is inspiring. Who has a whole world of ideas and dreams and goals. And I feel so blessed to be more than just a visitor- I can’t wait to start paying better attention to this amazing person


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