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Our latest guide on how to grow your Instagram received a lot of attention. Social media presence is important and you can now grow yours with a clear and concise strategy in mind. If you haven’t already, you can download the full guide here on Bloggy Moms.

One of the most important ingredients that will help you maintain a strong Instagram (and social media) presence is content. The content that works best for an online audience is content that involves a story people can follow. Everyone has an interesting story to tell and these next tips and tricks will help you find and tell yours in no time.

The Greater Good

There is a lot to be gained from giving back to the community. Some moms even go as far as taking advantage of online masters in public administration program from reputable universities such as Norwich University to learn about nonprofit management and other advanced subjects so they can lead nonprofit organizations and become community leaders.

The stories behind movements and organizations that are created to help others are always fascinating. Take a look at Little Free Pantry and you will see how a movement that started with one person became massive thanks to social media and the internet crowd.

You too can achieve something similar by giving back to the communities around you. While doing good and helping others, you will also have many stories to share on Instagram and other social media pages. It won’t take long before people start responding (or even participating).

A Series

Another key ingredient that helps you grow your social media account gradually is consistency. To introduce structure and help you find that consistency, creating a series of posts is a great idea to try. On Instagram, for example, you can create a series of photos and captions that tell a fictional tale; a short romantic story usually works like magic.

It’s fictional, so you can explore any idea you have. What’s important is that you post one bit of the story every day and that you post consistently. Schedule a new post at a certain hour of the day and your audience will start waiting for the latest part of the series.

The Personal Side of You

Many of us see life as dull and uninteresting, but there are actually many great stories to tell about everyday activities. Once again, the approach you should take is turning those mundane things into bigger stories that the audience can follow.

Let’s say you do take the online MPA program mentioned earlier. There are thousands of people who will be interested in learning more about life as an online student. You can share your daily routines as a student, tips on how to manage your time, and other details about your life.

Package these stories beautifully and you will never run out of content to share. Add great visuals, write a compelling caption or article, and post them regularly to keep the audience engaged and your follower count growing.


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