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“Health is Wealth”. Although the saying isn’t associated with materialistic gain but to be healthy is indeed a valuable asset in today’s world. What with fast paced lifestyles driven by processed nutrition and high carb diets, it comes as no surprise that a sizeable majority of the younger population are way below par in terms of health.  Statistics in 2014 showed that almost 97 % of Americans did not make the grade of healthy living with 250 million falling in the obesity category alone. If you want to live a longer and improved quality of life, you will make the decision to start observing these 8 healthy tips for a healthy and brighter future.

  1. Start exercising or play a sport

Playing a sport is in itself a beneficial activity that induces long term physiological advantages that contribute towards a healthier future. A small example is the strengthening of your power cells or mitochondria which multiply and produce energy as long as you remain physically active. Leading a sedentary lifestyle reduces mitochondria reproduction which is why the less active you are the more fatigued and tired you may feel all the time.

If time is a constraint, then shorter workouts for maximum benefit will help you reach your fitness goals. HIIT (High intensity interval training), Tabatha, Zumba and Aerobics are highly social and engaging workouts that last no more than 15 minutes at a stretch. To avoid the contradiction of sports injury, activities such as racket sports and swimming are regarded as safe sports that provide your body the necessary activity for cultivating a fitter and robust constitution for years to come.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

In spite of knowing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, many of us tend to skip it simply because of lack of time. After a fasting period, your body cries out for nutrition. Depriving your body of breakfast will not contribute to weight loss but weight gain because of the urge to snack soon after.

A good breakfast consisting of the right balance of nutrients from healthy carbs, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals will nurture the buildup of body tissue and improve organ health. Breakfast prevents starvation, improves energy levels, increases metabolism and keeps satiated during the day. Ensure that your breakfast consists of healthy options such as fruit, healthy cereals, eggs and at the most a cup of your favorites black coffee to clear your head the first thing in the morning. If you have gluten issues, then fruit and veggie combo smoothies along with yoghurt make quick healthy breakfast options that give you a power pack of antioxidants vitamins and minerals to keep you going the entire day.

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  1. Snack wisely

Snacking may be a bad habit and is the common culprit of weight gain but healthy snacking achieves the opposite. Snacking wisely on healthy snacks rich in protein but low in sugar are healthy options that contribute to weight loss and provide you sufficient amounts of energy during the day. You also get a constant supply of essential nutrients your body desperately needs for a healthier life. Snacks like Apples with almond butter or apricots, avocado salsa and the like aren’t just healthy they can be delicious too.

  1. Get adequate sleep

This is one healthy practice that can never be emphasized enough for a healthier future. Your brain cells need a good night’s sleep to revitalize and regenerate. Lack of sleep is the worst culprit of common health problems caused by decreased immunity. Poor sleep can fog your brain, impede focus and retard your body’s capacity to function for cell regeneration.

According to new sleep guidelines fortified by studies, the national sleep foundation dictates that adults in the age group of 18-64 require 7-9 hours of sleep for efficient bodily function. Do you really get that much?? The next time you’re cranky, can’t concentrate, experience mood issues and depression, Be warned that it could possibly be due to lack of sleep. Adequate Sleep contributes to healthy cognitive function, effective metabolism, and weight loss.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Although we do drink water during the day, most people never really get that the amout of water the body actually needs. Coke, Pepsi and coffee or tea may be liquids but they can never substitute for the composition of H2O. Water is vital for hydrating your body, neutralizing harmful acids, improving digestion, preventing aches and sprains and eliminating toxins from your system.  Your body is happier with 6-8 glasses of water a day which improves skin tone and complexion making you looks more radiant and healthy.

  1. Avoid processed food

In 2015, the WHO or World Health Organization issued a diktat after several published studies proved how processed meat causes cancer. Processed food or junk and fast food may be juicy and delicious to bite into but these are slow poisonous agents harming your body in dangerous ways. Processed meat and food contain carcinogens and free radicals that affect your body well into your older years of life. Such items increase ageing, cholesterol, fat, weight gain and poor health not forgetting the risk of various types of cancers associated with regular consumption of processed food and red meat. Rather than endanger your health, eat more vegetables, fruits, healthy nuts and fish that provided you a daily dose of supercharged nutrients that would indeed contribute to a healthier and brighter future.




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