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There’s something very therapeutic about plants, greens, herbs, and flowers. This is especially the case when you live in the city where there are just mostly skyscrapers, cars and people everywhere. The place is just so busy with no reason to stop whatsoever. Unless of course, you see a sunflower in a full bloom or a grown tree with interestingly sprawling roots. Then you stop.

This is what lush greens do. They keep us still, amazed in sheer beauty. Science also tells us that having plants around is healthy for the mind and body. So if you want a refreshing condo amid a fast-paced city life, start planting now. Among the health benefits of plants is that they improve air quality especially indoors where stale air circulates. Plants reduce airborne dust levels, carbon dioxide levels, and certain pollutants. Further research shows that plants also boost mood and reduce stress.

At a time when everyone yearn for the peaceful sound of a swaying bush or sound of fallen leaves as the wind sweep them off the street, condo and city dwellers are embracing the art of gardening. Despite space issues, condo gardening is a thing. How? If there isn’t soil on the floor, take it up. Vertical gardening is a growing trend because of how perfectly it fits into the modern lifestyle and serious lack of space. Whether indoor and outdoor, as long as you got a blank wall, you’re good.

Hanging herb garden

Do you love to cook? Don’t you sometimes wish that you can just pick rosemary and thyme from your herb garden? You can. Get a wooden rod and some curtain rings. It is best to place them on a kitchen window if possible, but if not, you can mount it on a blank wall in the balcony. Hang cute little potted herbs and you’ll have fresh spices at your disposal.

Stack of plant boxes

For a clean and minimalist look, cedar or plant boxes or crates are the answer. Get a vertical wood plank where the side of the boxes will be attached. Stack them in a manner that there is enough space in between boxes for plants to grow. Go for a sleek, contemporary look. Press the stacked planters against your balcony wall for an elegant outdoor vertical garden. That surely is a great backdrop for late-night beer with friends or Sunday afternoon barbecue.

Terrarium wonders

A terrarium, a usually sealable glass container with soil and plants in them, is a perfect way to upgrade your bedroom home design. It might take more effort to build a terrarium, but it is certainly worth it. You can use jars, tabletop bowls, old water or soda bottles, or tea cups to create your own mini-terrariums at home. You can use different kinds of plants/flowers like lavender, valerian or passionflower where the aromatherapy would help beat insomnia, inspire relaxation and sleep better. But if you don’t want them lying around, you may also hang them from the ceiling or off the wall. There are globe terrariums with provision for knots and ties that you can get from the store or you may always improvise. Use gardening soil, activated charcoal, plants, pebbles, and other accessories.

From trash to garden

One man’s trash is another man’s vertical garden. One of the most practical space-saving gardening ideas is to turn old soda bottles into planters. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone — you’ll rid your house of empty bottles and containers and you get to do something wonderful with them. You can cut a hole right in the middle or grow plants upside down. Hang them from a clothesline or nail them to an old wooden window shaft or a wood palette. You may also make your own trellis by using chicken wire.

Re-use old racks and organizers

If you got an old utility or shoe rack hanging around the house, then you got yourself a tool for your outdoor vertical garden. Mount the rack to a blank wall, line the shelves with moss, herbs, and vegetables. You may add a layer of plastic with drainage holes to keep plants hydrated. You may also use a book case, stack dresser or art frames for this purpose.

And did you know that you can also use a shoe organizer? The cloth makes it easier to grow plants because they are breathable and air can come through.

Decorate with greens

Growing and maintaining an indoor vertical garden offers a slightly different challenge than having them outdoors. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. For easy maintenance, choose durable plants that have shallow roots and do not require much water or sunlight. Examples are moss, flowering vine-plants, herbs, and some vegetables. As much as you can, place them somewhere with access to natural light.

You can mount vertical planks in your living area and line up colorful pots or even buckets, depending on your interiors. You may also re-use wooden frames and baskets and attach them beautifully. There are also easily available wall planters you can get from gardening and home stores. Rustic looking wood boxes used as planters are also a good alternative.

When you are living in the city, you tend to long for the outdoors more. Now you can bring in the outdoors by starting your own indoor or outdoor vertical garden project. Start small, learn the tricks, and walk yourself through the gardening process. This could be your most therapeutic hobby yet.


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