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As a busy and frequently exhausted mom, it’s important to have a space that’s all yours and reflects the style and luxuries you love. For many moms, that space is the bedroom. A bedroom can become your sanctuary and reprieve from the demands of your little ones, so why not make sure it’s an elegant and beautifully designed space you love to retreat to?

At the same time, your dreams of a sumptuous bedroom may be dashed if you don’t feel like you have the budget to make your design ideas come true.

Luckily there are lots you can do to stay on budget and also have a gorgeous master bedroom to call your own.

Know Where to Spend

If you want a luxurious and beautifully designed bedroom, but your budget is tight, you might consider the key piece or pieces you’re willing to spend a little more on. For a lot of people, that is the bed. A well-designed, high-quality bed can go a long way in making the design of the room look more expensive, and it’s also something you’re going to use daily, so you want it to stand up to general wear and tear. Even if you save in every other area of your bedroom, having a great bed can ensure that’s not obvious.

Select the Right Sheets

Another place that might be worth going for an upgrade is the sheets, but even if you’re not thrilled about spending a lot of money on high-thread-count sheets, you can shop online for excellent deals on bed linens. You can often look at sites like Amazon and find amazing sheet sets at a fraction of what they would cost in a traditional retailer.

Layer Linens

If you’ve ever seen pictures of a luxurious bedroom and wondered what they’ve done differently, it may very well be in the layering. Layer your bed starting with the sheets, then moving to a blanket or quilt. Add a plush comforter at the foot of the bed, and layer pillows of different sizes. This doesn’t have to cost a lot, and you can use what you already have, but it will make your room feel more like a high-end hotel.

Use Lamps

When you’re a mom collapsing into bed after the end of an exhausting day, you probably don’t want a harsh overhead light flooding your eyes. Add ambiance and a feeling of relaxation to your bedroom design by using lamps rather than overhead fixtures. Lamps give off a softer light and can change the entire feel of a room.

Cut Clutter

As a final tip, get rid of the unnecessary “stuff” in your bedroom. Your living room and the rest of your house may be packed with clutter if you have little ones, but your bedroom doesn’t have to be. Try to eliminate the clutter as much as you can. This is a free way to make your room feel more relaxing and well-

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