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How Do You Know If Your Teenager Is Driving Safely?

Did you know that 2 out of 5 teen drivers have texted or made a phone call while driving in the last 30 days? Texting, talking on the phone, and speeding are all dangerous driving behaviors that sadly so many teens surveyed have admitted engaging in. But what can parents do to make sure their teenage driver is being safe while behind the wheel? This article is going to discuss teen driving, why concerned parents should monitor speeding, and how GPS tracking is being used to increase teenage driver safety.

Managing Teen Driving Habits With GPS Technology

Studies show the value in shaping teen driving behaviors early on and the long-term negative impact poor driving habits can have if not corrected. The goal for every parent is to keep their teen driver’s safe, and that first starts with parents modeling safe driving practices such as avoiding harsh braking, not following other motorists too closely and most importantly obeying the speed limits. But how can parents observe driving habits once a teenager passes their driving test, receives their driver’s license and goes out into the world? This is where GPS tracking devices are helping parents keep their teen drivers safe!

Teen GPS tracking devices allow parents to monitor a car’s location 24/7, giving concerned mothers and fathers total access to driving activity. How the teen tracking process works is simple:

  • Parent places mini GPS tracker on teen’s car
  • Locator tracking device provides GPS data that includes speed alerts, location history, and a digital driver report card
  • Parents can know everything their teen driver is doing and have peace-of-mind that they are safe

Vehicle tracking systems transmit GPS data using a cellular network where parents can easily view it from a mobile phone or computer. Not only can concerned parents have instant access to real-time locations of where their teens’ car is, but the vehicle GPS tracker will also provide detailed historical driving reports! The driver monitoring technology allows parents to go back and see everywhere their teen was at, including the specific addresses of each location! Now let’s take a closer look at some of the popular teen GPS tracking devices on the market and see what makes each GPS vehicle different!

5 Best GPS Tracker For Teenage Drivers

So what is the best parental control vehicle tracker on the market today? According to tech review sites such as GPS Tracker Review, these are the top 5 tracking devices to monitor kids, elderly, teen driver, and other loved ones.

1.       Plug & Play OBD2 Teen GPS Tracker

The reason Plug & Play tracking device for teenagers is the top choice by review sites is that the real-time GPS does not require monthly services for an entire year, is backed with free phone and email technical support, and provides real-time locations every 3 seconds — which is the fastest on the market. Simply insert GPS car tracker into the OBD2 port and learn everything about teenage driving activity.

More details about the Plug & Play teen GPS tracker can be found at Tracking System Direct.

2. SpaceHawk Magnetic GPS Tracker

Unlike the Plug & Play, SpaceHawk is a magnetic GPS tracker that can be hidden inside or outside of your teen’s car. This car tracking device does require monthly service fees for data that start at $19.95 per, but if you are looking for a covert locator tracking system with magnet mount then SpaceHawk is the asset tracking solution you would want to do more research on.

3. BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7

Spark Nano is a teen driver monitoring solution that can also function as a personal GPS given the device has SOS buttons that can send out alerts. This GPS teen tracking system is dual-functionality, but there are a couple of drawbacks. First of all, the small size of Spark Nano results in the GPS vehicle tracker having a very short battery life. You would also need to purchase an additional accessory waterproof case if you want to equip the GPS device under a car. Lastly, this is a subscription-required solution (which is fine) but the data plans are more expensive at $29.95 per month.

4. Vyncs Link Car GPS Tracker

Vyncs fleet tracking device is another OBD2 port-style tracker but requires monthly service fees in order for you to track a vehicle location. Another great solution for observing teens or elderly drivers, Vyncs is a reliable GPS tracker for vehicles but doesn’t offer updates as fast as the Plug & Play GPS device.

5. MotoSafety Car Tracker

MotoSafety is one of the top-selling teen tracking devices on Amazon and has over 8,000 reviews. With an online dashboard designed specifically to help parents find out the truth about what their teens are really doing, MotoSafety is a great tool for tracking any vehicle’s location. The monthly data plans are a little expensive and the real-time location updates aren’t anywhere near as fast as every 3 seconds, but if you are a parent on a budget this is a solid pick.


Every parent wants to make sure their teenagers are making good decisions, especially when driving an automobile. The sad reality is that with inexperience behind the wheel, a propensity to engage in risk-taking behaviors, and distractions such as cell phones, it has never been easier for teens to stay focused on the road. GPS tracking devices won’t stop your kid from doing stupid things, but at least teen GPS trackers will tell you when they are doing them!


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