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Ready for the iced coffee recipe that will make your summer a million times better? Allow us to introduce you to the coconut chocolate iced coffee recipe, featuring Altruistic Joe iced coffee.

It’s not as heavy as a mocha, and the light touch of coconut adds a touch of summer to a drink that is usually saved for the cold winter months.

And – the coconut chocolate iced coffee is sugar-free!

Coconut Chocolate Iced Coffee Recipe


Altruistic Joe coffee
Sugar-free coconut syrup
Sugar-free chocolate syrup
Half-and-half creamer


Take your cup and add two pumps of sugar-free coconut syrup and two pumps of sugar-free chocolate syrup. Then, pour iced coffee into the glass and fill the cup about halfway with coffee.

Then, add ice cubes to your heart’s content, but be sure to leave about an inch of space so that there is enough room for the creamer. From there, pour about half an inch of half-and-half into your glass. Grab a straw, stir everything together, and there you have it! Enjoy your very own coconut chocolate iced coffee.


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