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With the proper training, a dog can make a great companion for families with kids. However, some breeds have a more suitable temperament than others. If you’re not familiar with dog breeds, you can take a look at Dog Food Care’s comprehensive list of dog breeds with photos.

Ideally, the dog should be calm, friendly, and patient enough to blend in a home with young children. Over time, the right dog can become a loyal and affectionate companion to your children. Here are four breeds you should consider when you have kids at home.

1. Labrador Retriever

For more than two decades, the Labrador retriever has been ranked as the best dog for families. With an easygoing, playful, patient, and trainable temperament, this breed is excellent for families with kids and other pets.

Besides being protective and reliable, Labs are quite intelligent. As one of the breeds with high energy levels, Labradors require lots of exercise and can grow up to 80 pounds. The dog has a short hair coat meaning you only have to groom them once a week.

However, their attractive temperament means they quickly form a strong attachment to the family and can misbehave when left alone, so be prepared to have them around the family.

2. Bulldog

The affectionate, patient, and loyal bulldog can be the perfect companion for kids. Specifically, their sturdy build is great for kids, but it’s not the most energetic breed.

The dog is versatile and can adapt and live in most environments. While the distinct wrinkled mugs appeal to kids, the short muzzle means they are prone to overheating in hot environments. Most bulldogs are friendly to visitors and can live peacefully with other pets.

Since the adorable breed is not very energetic, they only need occasional walks to keep them fit. However, you have to deal with seasonal shedding and weekly grooming.

3. Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is a confident, affectionate, intelligent, and loyal breed that makes a good companion for families. With an enthusiastic personality, the dog is eager to please everyone in the family.

Its balanced temperament makes it suitable for kids of all ages. Golden retrievers are teeming with energy and need plenty of exercise. However, this trait makes the dog a great companion to families that love physical activity. While this dog blends well in any type of family, it requires regular grooming, since they shed.

4. Newfoundland

A  Newfoundland is among the most intelligent dogs. With a staggering build, this breed can weigh 100 to 150 pounds. The adorable giants excel at physical activities but are often referred to as “nature’s nanny” due to their watchful and patient nature.

With a sweet temperament, Newfoundland is fond of kinds and can become very protective. However, their long fur needs regular grooming, and they’re also known to drool excessively.


Several dog breeds can blend well in family life, but others are more suitable for families with kids. Superior training and socialization are vital for ensuring the pet becomes a great family dog.



Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels


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