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Personalized books for kids are one of my all-time favorite gifts. There’s something so thrilling for a child to open a book, and read about themselves! That’s especially true if the story is filled with some of their favorite characters.

I received a personalized book as a child – and I just couldn’t believe that there was a book that included me! Me, of all children. I was enthralled with the adventure in which I took repeatedly in the book – and just couldn’t put it down. In fact, I still have that book today.

If you and your child is a fan of Toy Story and Toy Story 4, as we are, they will love this opportunity to get In The Book With Disney Pixar Toy Story 4!

Disney Toy Story 4 book

This colorful and fun book allows your child to be a part of the story – in a creative way. It allows them to be a part of it in a way that makes the story all their own!

We were at the theaters on the very first day to see Toy Story 4 – and soon after – received this personalized book. It was fun to re-tell and hear the story again while being a part of it all.

Disney Toy Story 4 book

A personalized book helped me to want to read even more as a child. I picked that book up time and again to remember – and to see my name! This is a great item for your little readers who are already in love with this world of imagination, and for those who aren’t as interested just yet. Seeing their name can help to ignite their interest and pull them in.

Hop over here to order your child’s personalized In The Book!

Disney Toy Story 4 book


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