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At the ripe old age of 28 I have realized that since becoming a mother I have been slowly trading myself in. Some of the trade in’s I’ve noticed right away, others have crept upon me. Some shallow, others depressing.

I’ve traded my young flawless stomach for tiger stripes that I prefer to keep under wraps.

I’ve traded in my Roxy two-piece bathing suit, for a nice skirt-based one-piece suit. My motto went from less is more to more is not enough.

I traded my late night partying for late night bottle feedings all the way to teething. I guess throw a sickness in there and a poopy diaper then that’s a party.

I’ve traded my size 6 non-strech jeans in for black yoga pants that may or may not be losing their elasticity. I probably would have gotten around to this one without kids. Highly recommended.

I have traded my low scoop neck tank tops in for a  nice flow with me shirt and cardigan.

I have traded in platforms and invested in some pricey Asics sneakers in order to keep up with two.

I have traded my lifted up Chevy truck in for an SUV.  Lifting a car seat into a lifted truck requires more work than I’d care to put in. Motto went from higher the cooler to lower the better.

I’ve traded in hangovers in order to survive the day. I don’t need anything hindering me as a parent because me sober is a train-wreak all by its self.

I traded in my bad attitude for a more compassionate one.

I have traded weekend sleep-in’s for wide awake at no later than 7am wanting breakfast 30 seconds after eyes open.

I feel if we became mothers and never traded anything in what kind of mother’s would we be. My list won’t match other’s list, I’m sure.  All of  my trade in’s seem pretty shallow in the long scheme of things.

What I gained personally by trading parts of myself in is much greater than a perfect belly could get give me. I have in return been given two kids that I prefer far more than an ideal pant size.

The trade in’s for me aren’t nearly as hard as raising children, but I wouldn’t trade those two kids for anything in the world.

Will I miss some of the trade in’s? Absolutely, I’m only human.

Maybe they’re not so much trade in’s as they are upgrades.

Yeah  definitely upgrades.


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