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He’s struggling. She’s struggling. I’m struggling. I think we are all struggling.

The struggle is real” has become a very common catch phrase. It’s often used for tongue in cheek humor but there is often truth behind it.

What’s your struggle?

Are you struggling with work? Are you struggling with a relationship? Are you struggling with your children? Are you struggling with your weight or your health? Are you struggling with grief? Are you struggling with an addiction or a bad habit? Are you struggling to cope with daily life? Are you struggling with financial difficulties?

I think we all have struggles at different stages of our lives. Even my toddler has struggles. They may not seem that significant to us as adults, but the struggles are real to him. My teenage daughter has struggles. They are very real to her. My husband has struggles. My friends have struggles. My co-workers have struggles. I have daily struggles that seem to be multiplying. Our struggles are real.

I think it is important to acknowledge that we all struggle at some point and it’s okay. But as a smart friend of mine says,

“It’s not okay to struggle for a long time

without getting help”.

We all have bad days. Bad days are inevitable. But when you have many, many bad days in a row you need to recognize it and seek help. If you feel like you are sinking, or drowning, or you cannot catch your breath, it may be a sign that your struggles are weighing you down. Please be kind enough to yourself to recognize the fact that you may need some help to turn it all around. Talk to someone you trust, take a break, catch a nap, or do something that makes you happy. Better days are ahead.

Perhaps you know someone who is struggling but may not even realize it or know where to turn for help. Please do not let them suffer alone.

It’s also not okay to ignore someone

who is struggling.

Try to reach out to that person and see how you can help. Do something kind for him or her. It may mean more than you know. Make a connection. It may help in many ways.

Let’s pull each other back up when the struggles

of life knock us down.

Yes, the struggle is real. We are all struggling, but we can do something about it. We don’t have to struggle alone. We don’t have to struggle for long. Reach out to someone.


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