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Loulouka is newer band of organic baby formula. Like most European organic baby formulas, Loulouka has 3 stages. Loulouka stage 1 is for babies newborn to six months old. Loulouka Stage 2 is for babies six month to twelve months old. Loulouka Stage 3 is for babies ten months old and older.

In this article we discuss what makes Loulouka baby formula a great choice for your little one.

History of Loulouka Baby Formula

Loulouka was founded in 2019 by three men; Peter, Christiaan, and Michael. Each of the three men have years of experience in the baby food and formula business.

Peter’s interest in infant nutrition and research in different formula ingredients started when his wife gave birth to their triplets. After many sleepless nights, exhausted, helpless and frustrated, Peter started to look for ways to comfort his new babies.

Michael and Christiaan have known each other since High School. They both have worked for years with well-known baby foods brands around the world.

Peter, Christiaan, and Michael joined forces in 2016 with a mission to create a better baby formula than what is currently on the market. They felt that none of the formulas on the market matched their vision of what baby formula should look like.

They had a vision to make no compromises. They only use milk from organic cows and Swiss raw materials. Another part of their vision is to have sustainability across all ingredients, factory processes, and the end product.

What Makes Loulouka a Good Alternative for Breast Milk?

Loulouka baby formula is considered a good alternative for breast milk because it has all natural, organic ingredients. Loulouka has organic ingredients like skimmed milk from grass fed Swiss cows, coconut oil, instead of palm oil, all the essential vitamins, DHA, and Omega-3 fatty acids from refined fish oil. Loulouka’s main source of carbohydrate is lactose.

Loulouka passes through 50 quality checks before leaving the factory; all ingredients are organic and of the highest quality. Loulouka manufactures their baby formula using sustainable methods. Loulouka baby formula doesn’t contain ingredients like soy, GMO’s, wheat, sugar, peanuts, and is gluten free. Lastly, Loulouka is free from pesticides and other chemicals.

What is the Difference between the Three Stages?

Each stage of Loulouka baby formulas have similar ingredients. What makes each stage the most different is the amount of each ingredient. An example of this would be the amount of iron that is in each stage. For example, stage 1 has 0.7mg of iron, whereas stage 2 and stage 3 both have 1mg of iron.

The manufactures of Loulouka followed this developmental strategy with other important ingredients as well. That is the biggest reason why European baby formulas have different stages. Babies need a different amount of essential vitamins and mineral as they grow.


Each can of Loulouka formula is made from a special blend with all the nutrients to be 100% suitable as a breastmilk substitute or supplement. Breastfeeding is the best way to feed you baby, but if you are like many moms and don’t produce enough milk to do so, formula, especially organic formula like Loulouka, is the closest to breast milk that you can get.

No matter which method you use, breastfeeding or formula feeding, you will more than likely need to use a bottle. If your baby has colic, check out my post about specialized bottles that help prevent colic.

Lastly, please don’t let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough because you are unable to breastfeed. Remember fed is best and you are an amazing mom no matter what!




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