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The holidays are an excellent time to show how much you care for the special lady in your life. However, whether you are shopping for your mom, sister, girlfriend, or wife, finding that perfect gift can be a bit of a challenge. You don’t necessarily want to go with something generic just for the sake of getting a gift but finding something unique and thoughtful can be difficult. This is especially true if the special lady in your life is a bit picky when it comes to gifts.

If you are currently trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for her and are a bit stuck on what to get, here are a few tips that can help you find the right gift that will make your lady smile this holiday season.

Consider Subscriptions

When you are trying to find a gift that shows your lady just how much you care, you might not think that one single gift is enough. However, instead of purchasing a variety of presents for her to open on Christmas, you should consider a type of gift that keeps on giving. Subscription boxes can be a great way to get your lady a thoughtful gift that will continue to arrive each and every month.

For example, a women’s perfume subscription box can be the perfect gift that pampers your lady from month to month. This gift is also perfect when you don’t know what type of perfume the special lady in your life likes to wear. With a subscription box, they can select a variety of scents to try each month until they find one that is perfect for them.

Like coffee subscriptions, other subscription boxes let them try a variety of their favorite foods or beverages each month. You can take out a three-month subscription as the perfect Christmas gift for her.

Don’t Resort to the Generic

When it comes to shopping for the special lady in your life, it can be tempting to resort to something generic. While jewelry is almost always appreciated, it can become too much of a generic gift if you default to it too often. Instead, you should take into consideration her specific tastes and interests to find something that is uniquely her.

For example, instead of going for a generic mug this holiday season, you should consider getting her a personalized mug. You can have a special photo printed on one or have a mug inscribed with her favorite quote. You can also find temperature control mugs that will keep her hot drink warm all morning long, no matter how busy she gets.

Ultimately, if you are tempted to go with something generic, consider all the ways that you might make that generic gift personal to her. If you are considering getting her a necklace, why not get one that is made with a special message written in your handwriting? By thinking about how you can make your gift more personal and thoughtful, you will find the perfect present in no time.


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