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A second pregnancy is definitely a whole different experience form the first one! Even though this pregnancy was very well thought out and planned, it happened way quicker than we expected, specially given the fact that the first time around we had the exact opposite experience.

So here are some of the thoughts that ran through my 1st-trimester-pregnant-and-hormonal-brain this second time around:

  1.  Holy s***, I am pregnant!

  2.  Holy s***, I am really pregnant! – after testing for the 2nd time around

  3.  How is it even possible to love another human being this much?!  – while looking at my sleeping 2 year-old

  4. Oh, great! And this started already! – while suffering from bad all-day sickness

  5. What is it with me, pregnancy, and pickles?

  6. How the hell am I going to take care of a newborn AND a toddler?! How am I going to run errands with a running toddler and crying newborn?

  7. Ohhhhh, she’s going to be such a sweet big sister! – when visiting newborn cousin 

  8. What if I am pregnant with twins??!!

  9. Well, at least this time I won’t be pregnant during the summer! Although the snow doesn’t seem that much more appealing…

  10. Sorry, L! Mom is going to be a drag for the next 10 weeks! – while suffering from extreme fatigue and just wanting to lay on the couch all day long

  11. Oh, our sweet baby! – while holding back tears and feeling emotional at our first ultrasound

  12. I feel bad for you kid! – feeling bad for L every time I though that she would no longer get my full and exclusive attention anymore

  13. Now that this was getting so much easier… – thought that ran through my head after each successful outing, nap, bedtime, etc. 

  14. Will I ever get to spend alone time with L again? I love our little mommy-daughter outings so much! – feeling guilty and nostalgic during our little lunch/mall/ice-cream outings

  15. Even though it is going to be tough in the beginning and we all will have some adjustments to figure out, I know I will love watching you become a big sister and I know anytime you kiss, hug, hold, play with your baby brother, my heart will melt and just grow bigger and bigger with so much love!

What else would you add to this list? What thoughts ran through your mind in your 1st trimester, wether it was your first, second or other number pregnancy?


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