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As we bid farewell to the summer, it’s time to embrace the joys of the autumn. Ok, so the temperatures might be falling and the nights drawing in but there’s much to love about the autumn. Whether it’s the beautiful colors of the falling leaves or the thrill of the harvest and the chance to carve up a pumpkin for Halloween, this can be a fun time of the year.

You can make it even more fun by embracing it fully and adding a touch of the season around your home.

Reckon that sounds too much like hard work? You’re wrong. These three simple suggestions can add an autumn theme to your home with minimum effort. Read on and prepare to be inspired to embrace the new season within your four walls…

A cozy bedroom

It’s great to feel cozy and warm as the temperature drops. The perfect autumn should include hearty soups and indulgent hot chocolates and, importantly, a snug feeling in your home too. Nowhere is this more important than your bedroom. A thicker quilt and some plump new cushions could be all you need to have a warm and relaxing night’s sleep. Investing in a new bed – such as these from the Divan Beds Centre – could bring you new-found comfort and provide under-bed storage. Gaining extra storage in this way can allow you to clear away your clutter, making you feel less stressed about mess and more relaxed as you gaze outside at the falling leaves.


One super-simple way to change the mood of your home is to focus on filling it with the right aroma. Ashleigh & Burwood demonstrates how you can achieve this change through the use of either candles or home sprays. Both are fairly cost effective and can really create the right atmosphere for your perfect autumn. Cinnamon, pumpkin or spicy scents are perfect to achieve this and can be used right throughout your whole house – helping you to relax whether you’re curled up on the sofa with a good book or enjoying a long and satisfying soak in the bath.


One simple way to affect any change around your home is through the use of accessories. Switching cushions, curtains, rugs, throws, bedspreads and ornaments around to fit the season is a quick way of making a big difference. Dig out those deep reds, oranges and brows and you’ll very quickly have dressed your rooms to match the mood of the outside world. Don’t forget the power of flowers either. The right bouquet in an attractive vase can give any sideboard or window ledge the lift it needs. Style at Home suggests pine cones or leaves from your garden can also make for attractive accessories in the autumn.

All of these changes can be achieved quickly, with minimal fuss. That’s especially important in the autumn because before long you’ll be wanting to make another switch and dig out the Christmas decorations.


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