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Whether you fully know the benefits of colostrum or not, you’ve undoubtedly heard of it. In short, colostrum powder has been argued as packing – pound-for-pound – more benefits for you than whey protein. (Higher carb count resulting in better energy and enhanced performance, helps with gastrointestinal disorders and fat burning just to name a few.) In a nutshell: Colostrum is pre-milk fluid that comes from female breasts – be they human or animal. Even so, there are a handful of things you must know in order to ensure you get the right colostrum supplements – and not some generic garbage packaged under a colostrum guise. Let’s take a look at some of those things you need to know.

1. High Protein and Carbohydrates

Whether you want to boost your immune system or help your gastrointestinal system operate more smoothly… the best colostrum can help you. This is because supplements have ~1.6 g of protein. Protein as I’m sure you know, breaks down into amino acids. Your body’s cells then take these amino acids and distributes them to your tissues, muscles, bones, etc. Therefore, it’s important to know that no matter which brand you go with, high levels of protein (and carbohydrates) will be present. There is no getting around this.

2. Review, Review, Review

It’s true that most manufacturers rush out their products to meet consumer demands. As colostrum powders and supplements rise in demand, so will companies pop up “out of thin air” to meet that demand – and make a profit. Even well-known, highly-regarded organisations (such as the FDA) release products to the public for consumption purposes.

Sadly, a lot of FDA-approved products backfire as a result of this rush. To ensure the colostrum supplement you have your eye on passes snuff, take a look online. Head over to Amazon or Ebay and read consumer reviews. Digest the feedback from people who have critical words to say. (Believe it or not, companies pay reviewers a handsome penny for five-star reviews.)

Would you go to a doctor you’ve never heard of without doing diligent research, about how this doctor’s clients and patients feel and think?

3. Can Be a Whey Alternative

Our bodies (over time) become accustomed to what we put in it. That’s a fact. If you’ve taken whey protein—for whatever reason—at any time and saw noticeable results, you probably saw a lack of results the longer you took whey protein. Maybe you thought about switching brands, or going for a few weeks without whey and “introducing” it back into your system. The problem persists: your body adjusts to the intake of whey, and the cycle begins again. Solution? Colostrum! Colostrum! Colostrum! Knowing fully well that colostrum supplements Helps you prevent the flu, increases your exercise performance, prevents gastric ulcers and IBS, as well as circulating blood and growing/repairing blood cells, why wouldn’t you consider it after your body’s plateau’d because of whey?

4. Pricing

Colostrum powder comes in various prices – much like whey protein. This is a tricky area, as price usually indicates the value quality. Bovine colostrum is a product, and as such, higher-quality colostrum supplements come with higher price points. There are instances, though, where higher prices didn’t justify the quality. (You’ve undoubtedly encountered this too many frustrating times in your life.) On the other hand, you don’t always want to scour the shelves (online or not) for the cheapest brands. Would you buy a pound of coffee for $2.50 versus a pound of coffee for $15.00? As much as I’m trying to help you out here, you’ve got to research various excellent brand names that have a loyal following. Here are a few of those names:


The best way to take colostrum supplements – is to consider how you take other supplements. Always make shakes using a blender, keep your intake schedule consistent, and be sure to regularly exercise to “kick” the supplements into high gear. Everything is for moot if you don’t see the results you want to, or the results you deserve.


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