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If eating with your family is a fun and lovely experience in itself, what do you call exercising and getting fit together? One word. Epic! Exercise doesn’t have to be a tedious activity. The next time you burn off some fat, grab everyone with you and have some fun while getting in shape. Here I’ve put up a list of activities that everyone in the family can enjoy. Have fun!

1. Playground Action. Play tag! Did you know that this seemingly childish game is a high-intensity workout exercise? Well, you need to move a lot and keep up with everyone. You might not notice it, but kids excel in this activity using their size and agility. Try to keep up with your kids, or let them chase you. You can also use some playground facility as gym equipment. Warning: Do not attempt to use the slides, play pipe or the monkey grips as they’re not meant to support adult weight – but you know that already, do you?

Have the kids try bench dips or standing pushups with you. Playing on the slides and swings with your kids (not you) and kicking/passing around balls is a fun way to put some exercise into your day!

2. Yoga, anyone? Yoga is everybody’s form of concentrated exercise! Even young children can master it, starting with table post (hands and knees placed on the ground while keeping back flat, cat pose (arching the back and dropping head down, looking at the belly, and cow pose (dropping belly while carefully inhaling and raising head towards the ceiling.) The benefits of this muscle-relaxing and deep breathing exercise are numerous, including improved posture, better muscle tone and relief from menstrual cramps. Yep.

3. Dance Fever. Everyone is a dancer if you’re confident enough. Anyone who has ever danced knows how fun it is as an aerobic workout. Your ‘lil ones can have fun with it too though games! Start with “freeze dance”, wherein participants freeze when the music stops, then dance again when it starts again. You can also use dance video games at home. This activity burns a lot of calories, making everyone more active and healthy.

4. Splash time. Let everyone take a dip and splash away! Swimming is a good workout for your legs, lung muscles, and virtually every part of the body. Ensure that your kids are wearing life jacket or flotation devices if they can’t swim yet. Challenge everyone to a race and see the fastest contender.

5. Hit the road. Kids just love their bikes (that includes us adults with childlike hearts). When was the last time you went for a spin with them? Biking is a great cardio exercise, and it enhances balance, lower-body strength and coordination. If you still don’t have one, you can get your bikes online at Cycling Express. They have a comprehensive lineup of quality made and affordably priced bicycles for the whole family.

There you have it! Family exercises are a good way to get fit and healthy while bonding and creating fun, lasting memories. Somebody pass me my towels.


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