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For most it is merely a dream, yet for a lucky few, designing your dream home is a reality, yet there is much to consider. Sourcing an architect is obviously an essential step, as he or she is the person who will transform your concept into workable drawings that the builder can follow, and with that in mind, here are a few useful tips to ensure you make an informed selection when looking for an architect.

  1. Choose an Independent Architect – The ideal architect for your project is one that is not associated in any way with the builder, as they will be unbiased in their opinions. The independent architect has no conflict of interest and once he understands your concept, he will work towards designing a home that best reflects your needs. If you are looking for something unusual that embraces natural materials, bamboo architecture construction is an ideal choice, making for a truly eco-friendly dwelling. Using natural materials such as bamboo and earth makes for a unique and green build that will stand the test of time.
  2. Residential Design Experience – It is important to choose an architect who has considerable experience in designing unique homes for private clients. The relationship you have with the home designer should be one where you feel comfortable and your ideas are the basis of the design, and with the architect’s expertise, your vision can become a tangible plan.
  3. Client References – By talking to the architect’s previous clients, you will gain valuable insight into how previous projects unfolded. Attention to detail and reliability are both important qualities for a residential architect and being customer focused, the architect will always try to please. Glowing references are as good an indication as you will get regarding the architect’s work.
  4. Fee Transparency – Some architects tend to avoid discussing their fees and as the project moves on, the bill is being increased by lots of little extras. If you can find a fixed fee architect, you will know exactly where you stand and this will avoid the risk of a nasty surprise when the project is completed. Your invoice should be itemised, showing clearly how the final figure is broken down and with no hidden extras, you will be able to budget correctly.
  5. Choose a Local Architect – Obviously, you want the architect to spend some time on site, so make sure you select one that lives within driving distance. If you are in need of help sourcing a local architect, a Google search will bring up a list of specialists that are within range.

You should spend as much time over your choice of architect as you do the builder, as in many respects, the designer is just as important, if not more so. If you can find a freelance architect who has a wealth of experience in designing homes to the client’s specifications, you should have a trouble free experience and the finished product will be everything you imagined, plus a little more.


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