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Do You Wonder How You Will Do it All? It’s Possible!

The world is filled with moms who simply want more. They want to give more, do more, be more – and most of all, live more! This is common and in no way means that life is unfulfilled. In a sense, it means that there is more of you to give. In your journey as an entrepreneur, understanding legal matters is crucial, so check out this LegalZoom LLC service review to learn more about forming an LLC for your business while managing other personal responsibilities.

As a mom, life is filled with moments of joy, laughter, surprise and aha moments. On the other side of the coin, there is the anxiety, unexplained tears and the urge to get more out of life. There is a world of untapped talent out there and blogging is the perfect tool to knock down those doors. Bloggers have such big voices and are influential in the lives of many. The balance of being a mom, blogger and an entrepreneur is easily confused with skill. It’s less of a skill and more of a passion. You’re passionate about being a good mom, a consistent blogger and a successful entrepreneur. The passion is there, but the balance – the balance has been a struggle.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to find balance and brilliance as a blogger.

Start the Day with Your Kids

Every parent is different but most importantly, every child is different. The primary goal of most moms is to spend as much time with their kids as possible. Their ages will determine how much time they actually want to spend with you (there will come a day when your kids simply won’t have time for mommy). Begin the day with your kids to get a dose of love and happiness to start your day. Doing so frees your mind to concentrate on other things throughout the day without feeling the guilt of neglecting your kids. With a free mind, you can focus on creating great blogs and your business.

Stay Focused

Many mom bloggers work from home, the sunroom, the neighborhood coffee shop or anywhere there is good Wi-Fi. It is essential to remain focused on the end goals. Don’t allow daily distractions to take you away from the important stuff. It’s easy to log into Facebook, Instagram or other social media to check out the latest updates. If you’re like me, those email alerts sound-off throughout the day, and you check them on every hour. I’m not telling you to ignore business emails, that is by no means the takeaway here. But don’t become side-tracked by the email blast that Old Navy sent about that sale that ends at midnight. You know the one that runs every week. Restrict checking personal emails to certain times of the day. Make sure that you adhere to the schedule each day.

List It

This goes back to the basics. Make a list of things to do, but this time – DO THEM! This list could change daily. Write down everything that must be done for the day and make sure to add at least one thing that is a goal. The opportunity to cross things off your list will give you a feeling of accomplishment like never before. It reminds you just how gratifying the little things can be.

Set Realistic Goals

While it’s true that you can do anything you set your mind to, there are some things you have no control over. A sick baby, aafter-schoolactivities, unexpected guests and other similar occurrences can happen at a moments notice. When they occur, it sometimes puts a wrinkle in our plans. This isn’t a sign that the goal won’t or can’t happen, only that it will happen later. Don’t be yourself up for having a minor setback. It may not be part of your plan but it’s obviously the way things are intended to happen. One of the most positive aspects of being your own boss is that you can always reschedule that appointment you missed with yourself. Loosen up and live to “goal” another day.

Implement a Routine

Every successful business has an opening and closing time. Even 24-hour businesses close occasionally for inventory. Create a routine for day and night hours. This gives an opportunity to work on your business and give your family the attention they need. Don’t be afraid to enforce bath or bed time rules. It will give you the time you need to take care of yourself, your blog and your business.

These are only a few suggestions to help mom bloggers get a rhythm in life. There are no rights or wrongs in living life as a blogger. However, if you want to build a life as a great mom, brilliant blogger and aspiring entrepreneur, you must balance as you build!

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