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Sure, science may be taught at school but as parents, you play a big role in making your kids love science. After all, love for science is something that begins at home as it starts when children start being curious about the world they live in. This natural curiosity helps fuel this almost intuitive fondness for anything scientific. So really, the odds are already stacked in your favor. What you just have to do as a parent is to cultivate that interest.

Here are a few ways to make your kids love science more:

  1. Go On A Trip To The Zoo

For a lot of kids, interest in animals is their jumping off point for loving science. This enthusiasm could be a point of entry for parents to make science a passion for their children. According to studies, a visit to the zoo is able to boost a young person’s education about conservation and general science much more than just books and classes.

Zoos will be able to make the concept of animals real for children. They will finally be able to see animals that they only watched on television or looked at in pictures in the flesh.

Going to the zoo also serves as an introduction to other forms of science. For example, going near the lion’s den will be able to give the child a first class ticket to observing the behavior of lions. They will also be able to see how lions have adapted to their current home as opposed to the ones in the wild.

Zoos are a universal draw for the entire family so everyone will be able to enjoy when you get to go on that field trip.

  1. Sign Kids Up For The Citizen Science Brigade

Okay, this sounds boring but when you are actually in the field, your kid will learn that it is quite an interesting thing to do. Generally speaking, a citizen scientist helps real scientists from different scientific fields like zoology and anthropology.

By being part of citizen science brigades, they will be able to unleash their interest in various ways. They can, for example, help collect research data and observe certain phenomena.

  1. Pose Open-Ended Science Questions

When trying to converse with your child about science, stroke their curiosity by asking open-ended questions. Do not go for “what?” or “when?” questions as those can be answered right away. Ask “what if?” “why” or “how” so that their mental gears will go on overdrive. This will trigger their investigative tendencies, which will result in more interest in science. These days, your kids can enjoy learning science online as well.

  1. Watch Science Fiction Movies

Just to clarify: science fiction is not a branch of science. But it does pose important questions about science and its practice. Additionally, science fiction is a way to imagine how the future will look like, which feeds the imagination of children and inspires them to ask more questions.

  1. Do Experiments At Home

What better way of getting your kids to like science than dabbling in science yourselves? There are countless easy experiments out there that can simplify scientific concepts to your child. This way, they can get their head out of the prejudiced notion that science is only for adults.


In getting children to love science, a big part of it is developing an environment where children are unafraid to embrace wonder and brave enough to ask questions. Since children are notorious for having painfully short attention spans, it is up to the parent to initiate fun and engaging ways for kids to learn new things. If you are an iPhone user, introduce the best iTunes homework helper to your kids for their science homework. Just like Science, math is very important for your children. So, make sure they use the free math homework helper as well. Use of these apps can make life easy for you and your kids.

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