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Well, summer is almost over and we’re about to head into fall. And you know what that means – the cold weather is right around the corner. Even if you love the cold weather, you’ve got to realize that none of your electronic gadgets share that love. In fact, when you let your gadgets out into the cold, they are going to be worse off than ever and that puts them in the dangerous position of breaking or getting damaged in some way. That’s why you’ve got to take the time to learn how you can make your gadgets survive through the winter. There are some simple tips that are gone through in the below article, so be sure to read on and learn about how you can ensure your phone and other gadgets make it through the harsh winter

1. Make Sure to Keep Them in Waterproof Cases in Case They Fall in The Slush or Snow

If you are going to be out and about in the snow and cold weather with your phone, then you’ve got to properly protect it. This is especially true if you don’t have a waterproof phone like the iPhone 7. It’s super easy to drop your phone in the snow or slush when you’re holding it with gloves. It’s best to always keep your phone in a waterproof case to ensure that if this should happen, your phone is going to be safe from any damage.

There are plenty of phone cases that you can get online that offer plenty of protections. In addition to waterproofing, you can find cases that are shock-proof and dust-proof. When you have one of these cases on your phone, then you’re going to have no problem keeping it safe in the cold winter. You can also get cases for all of your other gadgets that are also waterproof to ensure none of your gadgets get any kind of water damage.

2. Keep Your Gadgets Out of The Trunk on Cold Days

A lot of people keep their gadgets inside of their trunk whenever they’re not using them. Whether this is their camera equipment or an extra laptop, it’s easy to keep them in the trunk whenever you’re heading out on the road or just so you don’t have to keep them in your house. However, in the winter, that’s going to bring disaster to your gadgets. Our electronics do not like to live in super-hot or super cold temperatures. They will easily be fried whenever they spend too much time outside in the trunk of your car when the temperatures drop below freezing. Make sure to keep all of your gadgets inside of your house or in the main cabin of your car whenever you’re driving along. If you are driving, then the gadgets will stay warm in the front.

3. Keep Your Gadgets Off Whenever You Are Heading Out into The Cold to Preserve Them

Many people think that it’s safer for them to keep their gadgets in sleep mode whenever they’re out and about in the cold. The logic goes that this keeps them warmer since they are still working. However, this actually increases the chance that your laptop or smartphone is going to take damage in the cold. Make sure to turn off your laptops and phones whenever you’re going into the cold temperatures. This is going to drastically decrease the chance that they are going to face damage on your adventures in the snow.

4. Make Sure to Warm Up Your Gadget Before You Boot It Up

Let’s say that you brought your laptop out into the cold and it’s a bit on the cold side right now. You should definitely wait until your laptop’s temperature has risen to room temperature before starting it up. When the cold temperature mixes with the warmth of your laptop starting up, then this could cause condensation within your device. This basically means you will have water damage automatically from the cold turning to warm.

So, whenever your laptop or other gadgets feel super cold from being outside in the winter time, give them some time to reach room temperature before pushing that start button.

5. Be Sure to Carry Around Chargers Wherever You Go

Of course, whenever you are going out into the snowy world, you are going to want to have your gadgets with you. You never know when emergency situations could happen, especially when you are driving through the cold. Make sure to bring along all of your chargers for your gadgets with you wherever you go. You should know that the cold sucks the life right out of your batteries. Whenever you head into cold temperatures, you have probably noticed this fact and wondered where all of your battery life went. Well, when you have your chargers or a portable charger with you, then this isn’t going to be a problem! You can just plug in your gadgets and stay safe.

6. Make Sure to Keep Your Smartphone Warm as The Cold Can Make the Screen Sensitive

One of the worst damages that can happen to your smartphone is if the screen gets damaged in any way. Our touchscreens on our phones are super sensitive as they come. However, whenever the screens get out into the cold, this makes them even more sensitive. This could cause serious cracks or other damages should you drop it. That’s why you have got to keep your smartphone warm whenever you’re out and about in the cold weather. You can do this by keeping your phone close to your body and using your body heat to keep it warm. Or you can invest in a smartphone sleeve, wallet, or sock to keep it nice and cozy.

There you have it! If you’re going to bringing your gadgets out into the cold winter with you, then you’ve got to know how to keep them safe. Follow the above tips and you’re sure to have your phone survive this rough winter.


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