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You might not think your business would need a first aid training course. If your workplace is a factory or kitchen, certainly first aid knowledge is essential. But suppose it’s a seemingly safe office environment where it seems the most damaging thing that can happen is a paper cut.

Well, electric devices are fairly ubiquitous now, so it only makes sense to learn what to do if someone receives a severe electric shock. What’s more, heart attacks can happen anywhere. Food poisoning and choking can happen anywhere people bring food. And if the zombie apocalypse happens, we’re all in trouble!  That last scenario is unlikely, though.

But, have everyone plan ahead what will be done in an emergency. Even the most squeamish person can call 911 and wait for the ambulance. An accident can be made less bad than it could have been or even prevented altogether if everyone involved is trained in emergency first aid courses.

Here’s why.

1. It Can Save a Life

This is sort of a “well, duh!” statement. If someone is gravely injured in your place of business, you of course call 911. Until the paramedics get there, you need to keep things from taking a turn for the worst. Giving the patient CPR or staunching blood flow might be the right thing to do, depending on the situation.

2. It’s a Great Team Building Exercise

Instead of some useless icebreaker party games, try something that will bring your employees into a cohesive group that has practical applications. They will learn not only a life-saving skill but also how to work together and how to depend on each other.

3. It Encourages a Safe and Healthy Environment

An employee trained in first aid is better suited at assessing their surroundings. This could prevent an accident before one even starts. When you discuss dangers that can happen in a workplace, cords get tucked away where no one can trip on them and spills get cleaned the moment they’re made.

4. It Goes Beyond the Workplace

An employee trained in first aid will not limit their environment to just their workplace. They will use it at home with their families or while on vacation. The Talmud verse “whoever saves one life saves the world entire”. is applied very well with something as simple as first aid training.

5. The First Aid Kits Have to be Used Properly

OK, so you’ve got a first aid kit on the premises. That’s great! But it will be completely useless if no one knows how to use it. Bandages don’t wrap themselves, you know. Teach your employees where the first aid kit is, what’s in it and how to use it. Don’t forget to encourage the use of disposable gloves.

6. It Will Save Money

OK, so this seems a little cold-blooded, all things considered, but the truth is learning first aid is good for the company’s bottom line. Let’s face it, injuries in the workplace end up costing the business money. First aid training can reduce accidents resulting in fewer liability suits.

7. It Builds Confidence

In teaching first aid to someone, you teach them how to respond in a medical emergency. In doing so, they gain the ability to have some self-confidence in themselves to tackle a difficult situation. This can bleed over (no pun intended) to nonmedical situations and create an employee who is a confident problem-solver.

Some Final Thoughts

Not only should your employees be instructed on how to perform first aid, but you must also give them the proper equipment. A well-stocked first-aid kit is essential but do not forget the defibrillator. A fire extinguisher is almost certainly a legal requirement. Make sure your employees know how to use it should the need arise.


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