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Learning to eat more healthy and natural foods can be quite the process. And, in my case, it has been a slow process. So, I completely understand how overwhelming all of it can be. I also need it explained to me in detail as to why I shouldn’t be eating foods with certain types of ingredients.

Check out this very informative video that explains why some healthy foods may not be as healthy as we think. But, don’t be hard on yourself – there’s quite a learning curve when changing how you shop for food, prepare food, and consume it.

Am I suggesting that you can’t eat these foods or that you need to throw them out if they’re in your pantry? Nope. In fact, I have a couple of them in my kitchen right now – and will still consume them. I’ll still pack them on my long hikes through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park trails, and I’ll still use them in my various drinks, and smoothies. Take the information he provides, and work it into your life as you feel is best.

Unhealthy Foods You Think Are Healthy

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