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Traveling with kids can be fun, but alongside the normal caregiving responsibilities, you have an extra duty to keep your child safe while on travel, which can lead to more hassle, especially if you are unsure what to expect. While you might not have control over other drivers on the road, you can ensure that your kid is safe in your car. Here are some simple tips for keeping your child safe while driving.

1.    Use child restraints and car seat

A properly fitted car seat and child restraints minimize the risk of fatal accidents for infants and toddlers on any car journey. Ensure you get the right seat appropriate for your child’s age, weight, and height. In addition, ensure the system is firmly secured to the car seat.

Since car seats come in different models, it’s best to check out the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific car type and check the installation frequently. It’s good to avoid buying used car seats since it’s difficult to tell whether they are damaged. Diono has some of the most luxurious car seats and boosters.

2.    Activate the child safety locks

Never forget to activate the child safety locks on your car doors to prevent kids from opening the doors while the vehicle is moving or standing. This can prevent your kids from acquiring injuries or being involved in various dangerous situations. Kids can accidentally trigger the power window, sticking their hands, arms, or even head, causing harm.

Safety locks are often located inside the car door and are operated by clicking a switch. Check your car’s manual if you are unsure where the child safety lock is located in your vehicle.

3.    Buckle up

Buckling up your kid is a simple but essential thing that you must never forget to do. Every car has seat belts designed to be used by one person. Buckling up two people into one seat belt, even two kids might injure both in a crash.

In addition, you should never hold a kid in your lap or let them ride in your car unrestrained. A child that isn’t buckled up might hurt themselves or the person holding them. Your car’s seat belts should be securely attached before the vehicle takes off and remain on until you stop the engine and when the vehicle is safely parked.

4.    Never leave your child unattended

Besides keeping your child safe while driving, you also need to keep them safe when the car is parked or stationary. Leaving your child alone in and around the vehicle can expose them to various dangers and threats.

There have been many cases of children being abducted from parked vehicles and even cases where other cars collided with wrongly parked vehicles with young children inside. To avoid these instances, ensure you park safely and take your children with you instead of leaving them inside the car.


Although the chances of getting a car accident are low, your child’s safety should be your number priority while driving a vehicle. Being cautious, watchful, and keeping safety in mind can help ensure your children stay safe in and around your car.


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