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Check out the latest installment in our How To Do Everything series where we show you how to finally get rid of those pesky fruit flies and gnats in your kitchen.

So, I have tried nearly every method to get rid of fruit flies in my kitchen. At least, I think I’ve tried them all. I’ve purchased fly strips, and fly paper, I’ve used the apple cider vinegar method – but nothing has worked quite like this.

I was initially skeptical because I didn’t think this simple hack would actually get rid of the fruit flies that would seemingly appear out of nowhere. Supposedly, all I needed was some bleach and boiling water from a pot or kettle. And, speaking of which, check out this cute kettle I found on Wayfair!

black kettle wayfair
I mean, how were they so quickly appearing as soon as I brought in new fruit and vegetables? It wasn’t making sense. But, I did this quick cleaning method three weeks ago – and I haven’t had one single fruit fly since. Coincidence? Who knows. But, it couldn’t hurt to do this quick trick once a month.

Since gnats and fruit flies will usually lay their eggs in the drain of your kitchen sink – this is the focus of this method.

It’s cheap and easy. And for me, it seems to have worked. I’ll keep this post updated so that we can keep tabs.

I have a double sink like the one pictured below. I only poured performed this method on the drain I use most often.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink home depotIn order to clean the drain, it isn’t necessarily a requirement to pour bleach and boiling water down both of the drains as they should (in most cases) lead to the same drain-trap.

But you can do this to both if you prefer. One of your sink drains may actually first lead to a garbage disposal – which could need a separate cleaning apart from the drain-trap.

Try it and let me know in the comments below if it has worked or works for you!

(Find this Brookfield Drop-In Cast Iron Double Sink by KOHLER at Home Depot)

What you’ll need:

1/2 Cup Bleach
1 kettle or pot of boiling water

How to get rid of fruit flies:

1. Empty sink, and pour 1/2 cup of bleach into the sink drain
2. Allow bleach to sit in drain (it will be trapped at the elbow/bend of the piping) for 30 minutes
3. While bleach is resting in drain, boil a kettle or pot of water
4. After the bleach has rested in the drain for 30 minutes, rinse by pouring boiling water into the drain
5. Repeat as necessary. (same day, weekly, monthly)


Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash


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