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Probably the most frustrating issue to have around the house – is a clogged toilet. Even more so when it has become near impossible to unclog. Here we have curated some of the best tips and tricks for finally getting that toilet to unclog! Have any tips that we didn’t find? Let us know if the comment section below!

So, how do you unblock a badly clogged toilet? There are actually several methods and items that you can use to try an unblock your clogged toilet. Here’s a quick list and then a few videos with demonstrations.

1. Try using soap: Using dish soap can serve as a kind of lubricant to loosen the clog and dislodge it.
2. Try using a different plunger: You may have a plunger that is old or not the right type for the job.
3. Try using a coat hanger: If the blockage isn’t too far down, you may be able to break it up with a wire coat hanger. But be careful to not scratch your toilet.

Check out the videos below for more great tips and tricks to unclog your blocked toilet.

How to Unclog a Toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet – Clogged toilet TRADE SECRET!

“How to unblock a toilet EASILY & WITHOUT a PLUNGER! That’s right, without a plunger! How to unclog a toilet has never been easier. A clogged toilet is, without doubt, a major inconvenience, but don’t call the plumber just yet. Save yourself a truckload of cash and give this method a go of unblocking your toilet! – DIYForKnuckleheads”

Have A Clogged Toilet? 5 Simple Steps YOU Can Do Before You Call A Plumber.

“The more water in the bowl the more head pressure is on the clog and might help it push it out through. If the water comes up to high you push the flapper back down as fast as you can and that will stop the flush by pushing the flapper back down. – Wilbur Henry Plumbing, Heating & AC”

How to Unclog a Toilet

How To Unclog Toilet Without a Plunger using Dish Soap!



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