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Acne can be devastating to your confidence. Having dealt with this issue since the age of 13, I understand fully just how much of your life it can disrupt and effectively ruin. It took a lot of study to figuring out what was going on with my body to eventually clear my skin. Do I still have a random breakout? Yes. Especially when I haven’t been taking care of the causes of my acne.

I eventually figured out that, for me, I needed to identify my allergy issues, “clean my gut” (and taking L-Glutamine was a big game-changer for me) and change the way that I ate – a long with the making changes to the harsh products I was using on my face.

In short, I:

1. Had an allergy test conducted and worked to clear my body of the allergens
2. Began “cleaning” my gut through pro and prebiotics as well as taking a detox supplement, L-Glutamine, and bringing down my sugar intake to take care of candida issues.
3. Stopped using a harsh fash soap that I thought I needed for acne, and switch to CeraVe.

How to get rid of pimples and acne fast

Did you know that susceptibility to acne is genetic in 80% of cases? But notice that word, susceptibility. It’s going to be important.

The answers for “how to clear my acne fast” may be slightly different for everyone – but I happened across this video that may help give you a good jump start on your clear skin journey.

So, do you have to use every product he suggests? Nope! In fact, I only take Zinc – out of the list he mentioned. But he explains the importance and relationship of what we take into our body and how that can reveal itself on our skin.

Products I used to get rid of painful pimples

1. CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser
2. L-Glutamine
3. Global Healing Paratrex Detox Supplement
4. Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes Plus Prebiotics & Probiotics
5. Zinc
6. Allergy treatments with my Allergist and Asthma doctor

I hope this bit of information helps and good luck on your clear-skin journey!

This article is not a full endorsement of Dr. Berg or the content of his video. We just want to help move you forward on your clear skin journey. As always, do your own research and decide what may work best for your body, skin, and situation. All the best! XOXO

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