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I consider myself to be a straight-shooter so let me be straight as an arrow with you on this one; cleaning is not fun.

How do you make cleaning more interesting or exciting?

I’m going to share with you 8 great tips and tricks that you can try to make cleaning at least a little bit more fun.

Tip #1: start with an ear candy

Listening to something while you’re cleaning really gets you moving whether it’s music or podcast which happens to be my obsession now.

You can also stream motivational videos while you’re cleaning.

If you’re doing something interesting to your ears while you’re cleaning, you’re probably in good shape.

Tip #2: make a household chore list

If you find cleaning to be overwhelming, you can try to make a list of all the tasks you have to complete.

Doing this will help you not only feel less overwhelmed, but it will also give you that insatiable satisfaction of checking something or scratching something off a list. However, if you’re in southern California, you can take the help of maid service in Orange County so that you don’t have to sweat for deep cleaning.

Tip #3: burn a few calories

I certainly won’t sit here in a bikini and show you a before and after photo of what cleaning can do to your body.

But I will tell you that you can burn calories while you’re cleaning.

You can burn up to a hundred calories an hour by just doing light duty cleaning such as loading a dishwasher and dusting.

If you heavy duty cleaning (like scrubbing and mopping), you can burn up to 100 calories an hour.

Whatever you do, you will see you are moving, you are walking, and you are burning calories.

If you really want to amplify it, you can wear wrist weights and ankle weights. Basically, if you clean, you can have a beach body.

If you’re a competitive person by nature, why not become the next Usain bolt of cleaning.

All you need to do is, record your time each time you clean (assuming you’re cleaning the same general vicinity) and see if you can beat the time you did the last time you cleaned.

Not only will you be spending less time cleaning which the goal is, but you’ll also be better at that cleaning task because you’ll be teaching yourself how to be more efficient with time.

Tip #4: use efficient tools

There’s nothing less motivating about cleaning than using crappy tools, products that don’t work or products that smell bad. What you can do is, find stuff that’s cute and fun or attractive to whatever suits you.

Stuff that smells great and tools that work well.

This can make all the difference and will at least get you more motivated and interested in cleaning.

Tip #5: clean with somebody or something else present in the room

Whether it’s your friend, a family member, a child or even a pet.

Based on my experience, I have discovered that cats and dogs love vacuuming.

Whether it’s a conversation or frankly, just the sheer presence of another human or animal in the room really help pass the time.

Remember to take breaks, it’s important to give your mind and your body a little bit of time to pause in between those heavy-duty cleaning marathons.

Every 10-15 minutes take a 5-minute break. Whatever it is to get your brain off cleaning will help you get your brain back into cleaning a lot quicker.

Tip #6: reward yourself at the end of a hard day of scrubbing

This reward can be a big slice of cake from your local cafe, a manicure, some new mop slippers or anything else that is inexpensive.

Before you start a deep clean, decide what you’re going to buy or do. This will keep you motivated during the clean and help you complete the task.

Tip #7: prepare some healthy snacks

To prevent you from raiding the fridge when you lose steam, prepare them before you start cleaning. Popcorn, crackers with peanut butter or nuts are examples of healthy snacks that you can leave on the kitchen counter.

Each time you lose focus, pick a snack and continue cleaning.

Tip #8: clean with a nice cup of hot chocolate

As you get your hands dirty, nothing stops you from sipping a nice cup of chocolate. If you prefer, you can sip your favorite glass of wine or milkshake.

While this might seem like adding calories instead of losing them, you’re permitted to have this one drink.


If all these options fail, I suggest you hire a maid service. This saves you time and you can work or have fun with your time. The only thing left is for you to act immediately. Shalom!


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