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Choosing a beautiful baby gift for expecting parents can be tricky, especially if they are newbies in the parenting field. It can also be heaps easier too as you know because this is the first time they won’t be as well-equipped as if they had done this a few times before.

This is where you’ll come in. You want to be thinking ahead and almost pre-empting some of the things that newly expecting parents will need once the baby has arrived. It can be an exciting time filled with mixed emotions for the new mum and dad, so getting your shopping in early and doing your research will count for a lot.

One of the main things that will make a big difference is knowing where to shop. If you want to buy something online then choosing a reliable store which sells quality baby items is essential. From our own experience and people we know, they have brought some awesome items when they shop online at They sell a variety of gifts perfect for first time parents and cater to a huge range of scenarios that spring into the lives of new parents.

If you are still tossing and turning between different ideas, however, and can’t make your mind up, we’ve written this article to help. Here are some practical and much-needed gifts for new parents:

Soothing shirt. This one is for the mum-to-be as she gets to keep her fashionable look and maintain her outfit whilst holding her baby close. Instead of the usual baby wraps, buying a shirt that is both comfortable for the mum and child will keep both parties happy.

A stabilized bike. It’s an awesome way to take young toddlers out and about when they get a bit older and no longer want to be in the pram all the time. Buying a stabilized three wheel bike that you can push along will keep them in view of you and ensure the child has the time of their life!

A pretty and subtle nightlight. A nightlight which emits a subtle glow will help the baby rest peacefully and still give you some light so you can read or do other things. Instead of the torch on your phone or the brightness of a lamp bulb, a subtle nightlight will really be appreciated by new parents. It also avoids the baby from awakening abruptly by switching on the lights.

Food dispenser. Yet another practical present for newbie parents, an automatic baby dispenser means you can just load up the food and get it ready. Then, once the little one needs feeding, the mum or dad just squeeze or press a button and then it’s done! Alongside this, you’ll need to also invest in a plate with a suction base at some point, considering how fast babies grow up. There are multiple alternatives to these plates, which come in different forms – it can be a bunny or a fox – and in playful, colorful palettes that will make the introduction to food more exciting for the baby and less stressful for mom and dad.

A new parent’s essential kit. This is a bit like a baby hamper or kit with multiple items that are going to be used a lot by parents when the baby comes. An expecting parent will never thank you enough for ticking off so many essentials on the list before the baby comes. You can mix and match on many online stores and choose items from bibs to warm blankets for the baby to snuggle up in.

Now you have more of an idea about what things new parents may need, it’s time to get shopping!

If you are still looking for the perfect present to get for a new parent, why not read some cool gift guides for new parents from Look What’s Cool to help you make your mind up and find some great presents!


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