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A backpack might not seem like one of a toddler’s most obvious needs, but it IS a life changer. To my surprise, my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter got really excited about having her own bag and wants to carry it all the time. It encourages her to walk more instead of being pushed in the stroller, where she can’t wear her bag. It also gives me extra room in my purse for mommy needs. It comes in super handy during plane travel, as I load Celeste’a bag with her own diaper needs for the plane ride. It’s very light for her to carry.

The day I received the Pakhuis Oost toddler/kids backpack, I was so pleased that I had finally found the perfect bag for my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. It took quite a while to find the right bag. I wanted it to be super cutelight and yet big enough to fit what she needs during travels or at daycare. The Pakhuis Oost bag checks all the boxes, and more! Keep reading.

The company’s exotic story is pretty cool. Pakhuis Oost — meaning “the warehouse of the East” — started out as an importer of goods made for local markets in Thailand and Vietnam. Now based in Amsterdam, they design their own products. I feel totally in sync with the Pakhuis Oost mantra: “Pakhuis Post wants to make your day happier.” That is also what Nomad Bébé is trying to do! Giving advice and finding the best gear to have a No(t)mad Bébé!

All right, back to the backpack. So, why is it so perfect?

Miniature Adult Bag

My favorite baby and toddler gear has to look like miniature adult gear. When I buy something for my daughter, I always have the feeling that I would buy it for myself if it existed in a bigger size. And this is what happened with the Pakhuis Oost backpack. I would totally get one for myself, as I really like the look of it. I like the patterns — especially the dots and glitter for girls and the star for boys — I like the mix of super punchy and fresh colors, and I like the shape. Basically, I like everything about these backpacks.

Extremely Light

The weight of the bag was a concern for me. Céleste is only a year and a half, and I really did not want to load up her back — she has plenty of time for that. I was looking for a bag you could hardly feel on your shoulder. The Pakhuis Oost backpack passed the test. Made of cotton, it really feels as light as a feather.

Easy Maintenance

The Pakhuis Oost backpack has a nylon liner that makes it very easy to clean. It also limits the consequences of leakages, as it locks the moisture inside the bag and does not make it all wet.

100% Approved By Bébé

It did not take long for my daughter to approve of her new bag. As soon as she saw it, she wanted to try it on. She is at that age where she likes to do everything I do, and having her own bag seems to make her extremely happy. Every morning, she grabs it and tries to put it on when she wants to leave.


Céleste fits both the small and the medium Pakhuis Oost backpacks. The small one is perfect when traveling. It holds less than the medium one, so it’s lighter and that makes it easier for her to walk with it on for a longer time. The medium one is great for daycare. It can easily fit a couple of diapers, her lunch, a snack, a bib, sunscreen and a water bottle.

Mix and Match

Pakhuis Oost offers a ton of accessories to match their backpacks, such as pencil cases and zipper flat bags. To keep up with bébé’s growing needs, they also offer satchel bags, school backpacks, little suitcases and decor items for his room.

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  1. The backpacks are very cute. My daughter would love the red one!

  2. Celebrity Baby Parent Blogger Network Reply

    I was disappointed by these backpacks. They’re not that special or awesome but they are cute. Maybe after a child customizes it… My child is toy tester and we get back packs all year long to review. Some of these are incredible, but in time for Fourth of July I’d definitely recommend someone get one for summer camp or a seasonal look.

    Thanks for sharing

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