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Getting a kid ready for school in the morning, especially after a school break, is a dreaded chore that can give parents nightmares for days in advance. It’s a struggle that every parent of school-going kids can relate to. Here’s my composite take on what transpires at daily basis (more or less) in our home during the morning struggle. I hope parents everywhere will identify with this and get a good laugh over it.

So without further dilly-dallying, here goes my “”tried and tested” tips on how to get your kid ready for school in 40 easy steps…and hopefully without too many tears on both sides 😉

1. Wake up with a start at 6:00 am when the cellphone alarm blares in your ears. Wonder why your kid is not up yet? Had it been a weekend or holiday, the kid would be jumping up and down on your belly by now, prying your eyes open and shouting “Wake up, it’s morning time!” in your ears.

2. Put the alarm on snooze for another 10 minutes….then another 10…then another 10….Occasionally, you may hear hubby mumble why you can’t put the alarm at 6:30 am directly instead. Silly hubby! The snooze button is there for a reason! Waking up in tiny grudging steps is so much more fun than doing it cold turkey!

3. Drag yourself out of the bed, sometime between 6:30 and 6:45 am and walk straight into the kitchen.

4. Open the refrigerator door and stare at the contents for the next 10 minutes, wondering about the easiest and quickest thing you can whip up in the next 15 minutes for the kid’s school tiffin. For the thousandth time, promise yourself you will be a better mom and plan the meals in advance. Things would go so much better if you could just do the prep work the night before. Hmmm…if only….

5. You see bread. Thank god for bread! In the next 10 minutes, quickly make a grilled cheese sandwich with capsicum, onions, olives, tomato, cheese and oregano.

6. Pack the sandwich along with cheerios or cookies or boiled corn as a side dish in the kid’s tiffin box. Fill water in his water bottle too. In all probability, the picky eater will only nibble at the side dish and bring the sandwich back home intact (…And now you know why putting in much effort in prepping a wholesome meal is just not worth it! 😉 ) Anyway, Tiffin. Check. Water Bottle. Check. Proceed to the next big task of the morning…WAKING THE SLEEPING KID.

7. You look at the clock. 7:10 am. You need to hurry it up! During morning hours, even a few seconds could mean the difference between making it to the bus stop in time or missing it. So, yeah, scurry like a squirrel:

  • Cuddle the kid.
  • Kiss him, left, right and center.
  • Massage his small arms and legs.
  • Gently, sit him upright.
  • Pry his eyes open.
  • And repeat for the next 10 minutes or so.

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