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Without mincing words, having healthy eyes is as a result of good daily habits. Keeping this fact in mind can help to prevent many serious eye diseases. The little things that are often overlooked can have huge consequences for eyes on the long run. Millions of people all over the world are encountering one eye condition or the other. Despite this number, few people go for eye checkups. Here are a few suggestions that will go a long way in keeping your eyes healthy right to old age.

·       Be wary of any changes to your vision

At times, the eyes may give off certain signals that must be heeded to promptly. The solution usually lies in leaving the particular environment or wearing safety googles. Once you observe this, take necessary actions. The truth is that several environmental factors like pollution can cause irritation and if left untreated, they may result in severe inflammation, impaired vision or blindness. In case you notice changes in your vision that include red eyes, eye pain, double vision, swelling or hazy vision, contact your eye doctor.

·       Stay active

Regular exercise always helps to fight against diseases such as cardiovascular diseases that can have adverse effects on your eyes. According to experts, people who exercise frequently rarely develop eye thyroid or cataracts. It also improves blood circulation, thereby facilitating the removal of toxins and boosting the supply of oxygen to the eyes. Another benefit is that those that have glaucoma often experience a reduction in their eye pressure once they start exercising.

·       Keep your eyes and eyewear clean

Eyewear, especially contact lenses require very delicate care and maintenance unlike eyeglasses. Ensure that you wash your hands properly when inserting or removing contact lens in order to avoid eye infections. The case must be washed with hot water to eliminate anything that can cause irritation to the eyes. Rubbing the eyes vigorously can have adverse effects on the cornea, increase eye pressure and lead to infection causing germs entering the eyes. As you disinfect your contact lenses, endeavor to follow the instructions provided by your eye doctor.

·       Go for regular eye exams

Everybody including young children need to go for a comprehensive eye exam every two years. Most people assume that visiting an ophthalmologist is unnecessary because they don’t have any issues with their eyes presently. As a matter of fact, eye diseases like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration don’t show any symptoms at their onset. An optician will assist in determining whether you need prescription eyeglasses or not. Perhaps you are already wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses, always have an up to date prescription for them.Getting replacement lenses is a cheaper option than purchasing new eyeglasses.

·       Eat a balanced diet

It’s a well-known fact that eating balanced diets is a sure way to maintain a healthy weight. Eating healthy foods is also one of the safest and cost-effective ways to keep your eyes healthy. It is imperative that you avoid alcohol, saturated fats and smoking if you are concerned about your eyesight. They offer no nutrients to the body and can cause serious damage to the optic nerve and macula. Consuming food products that contain antioxidants and zinc help to reduce the risk of cataract and promote healthy vision respectively.


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