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According to Stephen P. Gullo, who is a weight loss expert based in New York, many people deal with the stress that they experience in life by eating much food. He calls them, “food therapists,” because they have a habit of solving all their problems by eating. If you experience stress, you will quickly feel hungry, and you can soon find yourself eating much, according to Dori Winchell, a psychologist.

It is possible to break this cycle which makes you gain weight quickly. You only need to follow a few steps, and soon your life will be stress-free. It is possible to experience weight loss, even without much stress of hitting the gym every day to lose weight. Read on to find the ways, and you can also view before and after weight loss photos of people who had been struggling with weight problems.

Feeding Your Real Hunger

Most of the time if you have a craving, it means that you want food. However, some people eat because of emotions or because they are after something else. For example, Karen Jones of Rockville lost 70 lb from previous 210 lb because of learning of her bad habits. She realized that she was eating much because of issues such as a feeling of loneliness, frustrations, and boredom.

Detective Playing

Joan Chrisler, a professor of psychology, recommends that you keep food journals. She suggests that you write down every time you ate food and what triggered you to eat at that point. Note issues such as frustrations, boredom and any other pattern that you will be able to note. Once you identify such habit break it and you will notice the difference.

Shopping For Some Stimulants

Dr. Chrisler suggests that you should buy things that are inexpensive such as CDs, books, and DVDs. They will keep you busy since you can be watching during your free time and they will contribute to the lifting of your emotional state. If you feel that you down, take them and make use of them instead of going to eat and eat more food.

Creation Of New Habits

Sandra Haber, who is an eating disorder habits experts says that most people eat during certain times such as when they are watching television. It is possible to break those cycles by learning that you eat during specific periods of the day. She suggests that you can replace these habits by starting new things such as establishing a hobby and concentrating on it.

Focus On Your Dreams

If you are looking forward to creating something important in your life such as a career, focus on it and go for it. Plan everything well and do it slowly until you achieve what you want in life. Such things will occupy much of your time, and you will be able to avoid eating unnecessarily hence cutting your weight.

Establish Your Pains and Avoid Them

If you suppress your emotional pains, it can lead to the addition of excess pounds according to Dr.Winchell. Research shows that if you have had experiences from your childhood, it can contribute to self-nurturing with food. However, it is possible to change your past by improving your present life. It can be easy to lose weight without having to stress yourself. All you need is to focus yourself on the goal, and you will do it.


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