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I am very excited to be heading back to Myrtle Beach this Summer with Dan and the kids. Taking a trip with the three of them is one of the most precious opportunities that I think I get as a mother and wife. I enjoy our time in the car together traveling (though it can be difficult at moments) and I enjoy our time at the destination. So many memories are made and nothing can take that from us.

However, there is always so much planning that goes into taking a family trip. I not only plan everything we need to take – but I am usually needing to make sure I am in the right ‘shape’ for the vacation. I need to make sure that I’m up-to-date on vitamins so that I have the right energy and nutrients for all of our activities.

Since there will be a lot of sun and sand involved in this year’s trip – I need to make sure that my Indiana and Winter weather skin is ready! If you live in the northern parts of the United States, you’re probably familiar with the dry skin that Winter brings us. Lovely, I know!

I seem to always have a difficult time finding a lotion that isn’t greasy, smells great and gets the job done! I’ll usually find lotions that accomplish one of the three.

So, in an effort to hydrate my skin, I have been using Dial 7 Day moisturizing lotion for the last two weeks. A lot of lotions I’ve tried to use after I’ve showered – leave my skin feeling greasy and make it feel as if my clothes are sticking to my skin. Dial 7 Day moisturizing lotion has had a more clean and non-greasy feeling. It has successfully passed each important area for moisturizers!

It smells great! It moisturizes without eventually drying-out my skin. It has a clean and non-greasy feel.

Another great step in preparing my skin for our beach vacation has been using Dial’s new Coconut Water and Bamboo Extract Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash. The combination of the body wash and lotion leaves a coconut scent that has me dreaming of the beach all day long! Taking care of your skin is a life long process.

If you want to get to know your skin a little better, you should get in touch with a specialist. Those in the UK can book an appointment with a skin specialist in London and those in the US can contact their local clinic.

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