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Photographers are seeking to find new and innovative ways of capturing their audiences in the latest modern styles.

The evolution of photography from the traditional age has moved away from being the basic images and pictures and transcended to new style photography that seeks to create a story and give a contemporary and timeless twist that will stay with them for years to come.

Family photographers are constantly feeling the need from their customers to come up with customized unique designs and poses that make them stand out from the crowd. Some latest trends and developments have sought to change the photography landscape and made family photos enjoyable and popular:

  • Unique angles

The traditional family poses which were structured and neat have been replaced with fun, unique poses. Families are embracing character and personality in their poses, by ensuring they can pose anyhow as long as the results showcase them having fun and enjoying themselves. The main agenda has become having a good time, and photographers are coming up with exciting and quirky styles that aim to relate with each family photo. These shots often capture the most authentic shots and ensure that every personality is well represented.

  • Milestone photos

Capturing every milestone in children or adults is a trend that is likely to stay for another decade or so. Individuals are obsessed with capturing every minute detail that happens within the family and taking photographs to document this into the family album. This has seen photographers find new arrangements and styles which will seek to attract families into considering this package for their monthly or yearly updates.

  • Generational photos

Family photographs that showcase the different generations are another popular concept that individuals are becoming wind of. Gathering the older generation who comprise of grandparents or great grandparents, parents and their children standing in a descending line in the form of age is becoming a fun interesting way of highlighting the generational stretch that exists in families. These photographs can be passed down to future generations and framed for a better understanding of the family lineage.

  • Splash of color

Incorporating bold and colorful backdrops or flashy colorful outfits is a trend coming back from the ’90s. The interest in color has seen family photographers sensitize their customers to wear monotone outfits or color blocking with different outfits to create a fun and existing photo dump.

  • Digital enhancements

The use of technology to enhance the overall quality and layout of photographs is becoming more and more prevalent, with photographers seeking out digital enhancements to add creative touches and tweaks to photographs. This is particularly common when it comes to fun affairs such as vacation photographs or special events.

  • Urban photographs

The concentration of photographs in urban centers has seen photographers opt for family photographs right into the heart of the city. This creates modernized and lateral imagery that captures the varying aspects of the city’s structure and environment. The unique background of tall textured walls, endless stairways, or themed cafés, add an authentic concept to the photographs. Families are looking to have an occupied background that resonates with what they hold dear.

  • Isolation photography

The age of Covid-19 has made individuals obsessed with social distancing, and embraces less crowded scenarios both in photography and real life. Photographs that have the subjects spread out are being embraced, with silhouettes that portray isolation and safety from the busy outside world.

  • Pet portrait

The inclusion of pets in family photography is being embraced by several individuals who are passionate about including all the family members into the family album. Pets add affection and love to an otherwise ordinary portrait, and photographers are devising ways to include all the necessary pets into the photo frame.

  • Drone photography

The use of drones in photography has been embraced wholly by photographers, who have influenced their customers to embrace this advancement in technology. The use of drones is mostly for outdoor use, and the photographer gets to capture varying patterns, angles, and styles that favor the ambiance the family is going for. However, the use of drones vary depending on different governments, therefore it is best to check for the basic requirements in each state before employing this mode of photography.

  • Masks

The pandemic has yet again introduced the use of facial masks, a trend that has caught on in photography. Families are looking to stay within trends by donning their masks as a way to remind them of the pandemic period. The use of trendy, varied, and colorful masks has also seen photographers integrate them into family photos, creating an edge and arousing interest.

  • Minimalism photography

This consists of getting rid of any extra items that aim to distract from the primary goal of the photo, the subject. Minimalism photography tends to focus solely on the subject, by leaving the surroundings bare and open. This enables the main message of the photography to be properly conveyed without giving room for any confusion or misunderstanding.

How to become a family photographer

Becoming a family photographer needs one to have the basic requirements for photography. Individuals who venture into this career path should consider the educational requirements and training needed to become a professional.

Family photographers can jump-start their careers by becoming photographer’s assistants and learning photography skills on the job. However, having a certificate in photography will propel their career faster, as they will have learned the fundamentals of photography.

Certification in photography also gives an individual a competitive edge as they become more marketable as opposed to amateur photographers. An aspiring photographer can work as a photojournalist and join the Professional Photographer society.

Aside from education and certification, family photographers should aim to be understanding, efficient communicators and listeners, to understand what their clients require from them. This helps prevent disappointment and fosters unity and excitement during the photo sessions. Professionalism goes a long way in retaining clients and bumping up against one’s rate card.

Family photographers should also aim to appeal to a wider audience by curating their content to encompass different personalities, age groups, and styles.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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