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The 5 Must-Haves to Pack in Your Bag

I remember it well, that nervous and excited anticipation of preparing for baby to arrive. The bag is packed with cute newborn onesies, swaddle blankets and nursing bras. But do you truly have everything you will need? Here is my list of must-haves to pack in your new mom hospital survival kit.

In addition to the obvious (car seat, camera, phone charger, pajamas, etc.), here are some items that I ended up really using in the hospital:

  1. Lip Balm. I was so not expecting how dry my lips would become in the hospital. Even with drinking gallons of water, I relied heavily on my lip balm to stay comfortable. In case you are interested, I am a die-hard Burt’s Bees gal.
  2. Flip Flops. Okay, no one told me that I would have “hobbit feet” after my C-section. Apparently, the IV fluids go straight to your legs and feet, and mine swelled up a ridiculous amount. None of my shoes fit except for my flip flops. And that is how I elegantly made my exit from the hospital (cue “Colonel Hathi’s March”).
  3. Warm Socks. Hospitals are COLD and those socks they give you are like sandpaper. I loved having my cozy, fluffy socks as I walked the hospital corridors (constantly). You will soon know what I mean, mama!
  4. Pumping Bra. So, as a first time mom I just assumed breastfeeding would come easily. Nope. Not for me. My milk took some time to come in and I started pumping at the hospital in order to help it along. If you are familiar with the Hooter Holster story, you know how I feel about the “surgical belly band cum pumping bra” the nurses offered in the hospital. If I could do it over again, I would have invested in a good quality pumping bra and brought it along for the ride.
  5. Pillow. Maybe I am weird (well, of course I am!) but I just don’t sleep well without MY pillow. And everyone knows one of the key things any new mom needs is sleep. Bring that pillow. Also, bring an extra pillowcase because, you know…hospitals.

I am sure there are a million things I am forgetting but these are the five things that made my hospital stay more comfortable. What’s in your “New Mom Hospital Survival Kit”? Please share in the comments!


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